What next?

  1. What next?

    Hey! New to all this so here goes.
    Just finished 6weeks of anavar 50mg tab. on a 6week off atm. First time I've ever took anything . Im 41. 14 stone. bmi of 15.7. on milk thistle btw.
    So? what next? liked what the anavar did. it helped get me from 17 bmi and had good gains. got hard as nails. what should I stack with it on next cycle ? would like to get abit bigger but get lean too!! diet very good and training 5 days a week. Cheers for any help.

  2. Example of diet. Test enth would be a good stack. Or get some androlean from androfactory if you just wanna lean out. Test and anavar would be a good stack but more advanced. Dont know what your trying to achieve.

  3. Yo. cheers for the reply.
    Im aiming to look leanish with good size thou not massive. not wanting a bmi of 10. Around 12/13 sounds good. Im a chef so diet is easy to keep too. high protein. carb cycling low.med.high days.
    Im Taking fish oil. Vitamins D. b12 com. C.
    BCAA'S. CREATINE cycle.
    Never taken injection steroids before. old enuff now I think. :-).

  4. No I was curious about what your diet and meal plan out looks like.

  5. Well,,,
    Mornings start always with porridge with honey and blueberries. Two scoops lean protein.
    Mid morning fruit. One scoop protein. vitamins .water
    Pre-workout shake. Stack.
    Lunch after workout. Chicken white rice. Banana two scoop protein .
    Harbo. water
    Afternoon fruit. Nuts
    Evenings carbs. Steak/sweet potato broccoli. Water
    Bedtime casein protein shake
    Cottage cheese on whole meal toast ZMA.
    Just an eg. Of one day. Low carb days look lighter more fat and protein.



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