1. Question SD, H-DROL,EPI

    I did a SD and H-drol late last summer. It consisted of SD,..10,20,30 and starting second week I threw in H-drol,..50,75,100,125, 150 for a total of six weeks. I achieved in my opinion pretty good gains with strength and size. I don't do very many PH cycles a year usually 2 in a 12 month period. I'm getting ready to SD cycle again and I don't know if I should just do SD for four weeks at 10, 20, 30, 30 or do it like I did the last time and throw in H-drol or epi at week two or three. I also have a bottle and a half of proto-max I could use up. I know methylated are pretty toxic alone and shouldn't be ran together. I have all the pre-cycle and post cycle supplements and nolva, aegis. Anybody wants to give some input on how they've ran these PH before and had good results feel free to chime at. And I'm almost 50 so you guys in their 20s keep in mind that I'm an old fart. I've even thought of running the H-drol or EPI first the last 3 to 4 weeks doing SD. But I thought that might be a little rough on my body.

  2. test is best my friend. Why play all the games for 50% gains?

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