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    Anyone use them?
    I have two herniated discs from 13 yrs ago and although I work out harder and lift more at 43 than I did at 25 I have no real problems except minor back aches. I'm just seeing of anyone uses chiropractors if so does it help or hurt?

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    Re: Chiropractors

    This is the order I would recommend

    Physical Therapist (specailize in sports rehab)
    ART therapist

    If you can find a chiro that also does ART I would do that but if you have health insurance I would suggest a physical therapist. They should perform an assessment and then recommend exercises to correct any imbalances and weakness and will suggest stretching and mobility movements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steakumm View Post
    Anyone use them? I'm just seeing of anyone uses chiropractors if so does it help or hurt?
    Do you mean, do the spinal adjustments hurt?

    There are a few differing methods and some chiros use forced correction, which is energy in a specific direction to correct an apparent subluxation or misalignment.
    There are also methods in which some chiros use neck and low back touch or simple toggle points, that also apparently align the spine.
    I have had both done, along with chiro who practiced ART (Josh mentions). None of the adjustments hurt, except maybe the ART. Some of those sessions would bring tears to my eyes but that is muscular in nature and almost wring out any scar tissues or lesions that build up in the muscles.
    I no longer use the chiro however and if I get some real pain or a niggle, will work it out with a J/bar, tennis ball, bodo or see my massage p/t therapist.

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