1. crepitas

    Does anyone know if fish oil will help, harm or neither?
    Thank you,

  2. Do you mean crepitus? Like in cracking knuckles!?
    Are you having pain with it?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by PaulBlack View Post
    Do you mean crepitus? Like in cracking knuckles!?
    Are you having pain with it?
    Lots of cracking/popping and pain in shoulders. Seeing the chiro asap but trying to get a little insight while waiting for my appointment. Tried a Google search which was worse than a scavenger hunt!

  4. Well, from what I understand the sounds CAN be just the release of say maybe gases or build up of energy then a quick release, but if you are having pain while moving, that can be more than just the old creaks and sounds joints make on occasion.
    How, or did you hurt the shoulder(s)?
    With your arms outstretched, does it want to splint when you rotate the arm?

    Good book on the topic if you can get hold of it...
    The Seven Minute Rotator Cuff Solution by Horrigan

  5. Could look into Cissus. It is pretty amazing and I had my brother taking it during his PT after his last few MX crashes. It helped quite a bit.

  6. I don't know about the cracking and popping but I can say it helped my when my Estro levels were too low and I started getting joint pain (general) in my knees. It is cheap to buy and it can't hurt. Plenty of studies supporting general health benefits.

  7. You could try out Cissus, also are you having a lot of problems with overhead type movements? Crepitus is grinding, popping sounds. Besides th chiro you might want to work on your internal/external shoulder rotators:subscapularis, teres minor and infraspinatus, and scapular movement and stabilization. Your chiro will be able to tell if your scapula is winging.

  8. Using Iforce Joint Help which has Cissus. Offering some relief.

  9. Orange triad and cissus work wonders for me. Going to be 37, have had 3 shoulder operations already, so the extra relief is much needed
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