How and when?

  1. How and when?

    Hey all,
    Newb here. To the forum anyway.

    After several years of lifting under my belt (no pun intended) I have tried a few different PH's with satisfying results.

    Now that I have landed on one that I feel does the best job for me, I want to be sure I am maximizing its usefulness.

    Are there advantages to taking them before or after a work out?
    Empty stomach?
    Before bedtime while my body is regenerating?
    What about with a boost of carbs for an insulin spike?
    Letting them dissolve under my tongue?
    Spread out doses or all at once?

    I know thats a lot of questions, for a first time poster.


  2. I recommend all PHs be taken rectally in a hand stand position. Just spit on it first ;-)

  3. Alrighty then.

    I thought I was asking some valid questions.

    I know the timing of meals and blood sugar has done a lot to help me improve my body composition. It seemed reasonable that supplement timing would be important also.

    Sorry if I asked a question that might be "taboo" or "dumb".
    I didn't know any better and was not trying to offend the board.
    My apologies.

  4. I was jus joking . I don't think it matters too much although its been a long time since I've used orals. Pretty much up to
    Your discretion although I think under your tongue is jus silly and I always took mine with food but I have a sensitive stomach to stuff like that.

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