DEPRESSED: Just tore my left acl and meniscus .. now what?

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    Good work so far, props on the full revolution on the bike that is a big deal for most people. Just take your time you'll be working out and playing BB before you know it, as for now just take care of that ACL until it heals, it's going to be vulnerable til about June 14th..
    Thanks - appreciate the encouragement.

  2. I agree with everyone else on rehab. I had total knee reconstruction in 1988. Tore the acl, mcl, and icl in a football game. I was only fifteen years old. I didn't have a choice about material for surgery. They used silicone ligaments and screws to hold everything together. I had to stay in the hospital for six days hooked up to a huge machine that moved my leg for me. After release I was on crutches for 7 months. Zero weight bearing. They just removed all the cartilage from knee. I tore it up in rehab and got to play football my junior and senior years. About six years ago I tore my rotator bench pressing. Repaired and rehabbed like crazy. Four months after that tore left rotator. Surgery for that and retore it three weeks later in rehab. Fixed and rehabbed, now stronger than ever. Got bigger and stronger for years and then last October I hearniated L5 and S1 discs and tore the ligament that goes around L5. Most painful injury I had. I am almost back to 75%. Once again I give all the credit to the physical therapists. I didn't lose anything but strength this time. I think being older does slow recovery some but our body holds on to gains better.



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