Ai Swole Stack or ??

  1. Ai Swole Stack or ??

    I've tried the AI Swole Stack a couple times and I'm ready to try something new / different.

    What I liked about the swole stack was, it wasn't real hardcore. More of mild stack, if that makes any sense.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Athletix Triple Stack w/ Erase or Anabeta!!! nice size and great strength gains..

  3. Anabeta elite/ erase pro/ Dpol. This is an amazing stack

  4. Formutech growth stack with erase pro
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  5. The IC release of Versa-1 is coming up. January 8th to be exact. You can sign up for the IC at It's absolutely free and you won't be spammed. After the first drop t could be a few more months until t will be available at retailers and the IC deals are always killer!
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  6. Looks like Athletix Triple Stack is out of stock at NP.

    Signed up for the Versa-1 fan club.


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