liquid stane

  1. liquid stane

    Had blood work done and estrogens are all high, not taking anything or planning on it. While I get my diet in order and lose some fat can I take a low does say 3 or 6mg eod to knock the level down some?

  2. I went for a month at 3mg EOD and my levels were way down.
    Estrodial, high sensitivity 42H (High)
    One month Liquid Stane 3mg EOD (maybe skipped a few days and laid off about a week before the test)
    Estrodial, High sensitivity 13L (Low)

    I inject 160mg week Cyp.

  3. One thing to watch for.. I've been using the Stane for about three months and I think my Estro is too low.
    I feel like my whole body has arthritis. Every joint and bone is painful.
    I've cut back on the Stane and taking some Joint supps.
    It got to the point where I could hardly sleep. Laying on the bed was painful in my rib cage!
    I'm getting back to normal now.. Just something to think about.

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