36M First Cycle Advice

  1. 36M First Cycle Advice

    I need some advice for a first cycle. I'm a 36M 137lbs 5'7" and I'm looking to get to 160-170lbs.

  2. first i say eat more.... second id say 500mg of cyp for 10 wks. done correctly will get you past the 160 mark, getting past the 170 will be hard to do in 1 cycle but can be done.

  3. Thanks, I dont plan to gain it all in 1 cycle but if possible that will be great. Would that be pill or injectables? also what will be a good pct?

  4. Hi Kris. I'm 52 and am just finishing up with my very first cycle. I'm running Finaflex 1Andro/550XD PH with a PCT of Revolution. This has been very easy on my system with expected sides. So far I've put on a little over 14 lbs of lean muscle. I'm not a rep or affiliated with Finaflex I'm just a very satisfied customer. Look in the Redefine Finaflex section it will answer all your questions.

  5. Any good Internet sites to obtain gear? I'm in the USA.

  6. All mine comes from NutraPlanet here at AM. It's against forum rules to list sources for gear... sorry.


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