winstrol cycle dosage?

  1. winstrol cycle dosage?

    Entertaining using winstrol V. I dont feel that i am big enough to warrant using winstrol but am in a place that it is about the only thing i "may" have access to other than primo(garbage from all that i read). Can i get at least half decent gains from Winstrol or will i just slim down? If so, what kind of dosage(oral) would i need to see those gains? experience please, not opinion, appreciated. Thanks guys!

  2. winni V is water base injectable AAS. oral, is not winni V which are you talkin about.

    oral winni is very hard in the body due to the 17a attached to it. i would not run it longer then 6wks


    if you have never pinned yourself before, shooting winni would not be a good place to start imo....

    winni will not do anything for you unless your body fat is sub 8%... also if not a good thing to run by itself.

    as for you saying primo is junk, the only reason you or other say that is cuz the "primo" you think you have takin was not primo. 99% of UGLs do not put primo in there vials labeled "primo" so chances are you or them have never used REAL primo. plus real primo is very expensive! so bang for the buck is very very low... but good primo is tits.

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