Lumps under right nipple after methyl sten and proper pct?

  1. Lumps under right nipple after methyl sten and proper pct?

    Did 4 weeks of methyl sten and then finished pct in first week of October. Last few days of methyl sten had itchy / burny nips. Did pct of Nolva 40/20/20/10, Daa, erase. Well even after that now have a couple of painful hard lumps under right nip (no lactation). Nipple is not puffy and cant really see, but there are definitely lumps - almost feels attached to my chest muscle. No lump under left nip, just slightly irritated to the touch. Appreciate any ideas / suggestions?

  2. Dude I got same **** in left side! Idk what to do levo sounds harsh...dex maybe letro at end?

  3. Well went to doc yesterday and gave blood for tests. We will see what they find? Looks like they ordered : comp metabolic panel, cbc and differential, tsh, testosterone, sed rate,and prolactin. Anything missing? Will test show estrogen levels as well as testosterone?

  4. well now i know not to run msten. thx for heads up if anything, hope it goes well for you

  5. So I started taking curcumin 2 x a day.. Along with b6 and man I feel alot better... Puffiness is down an not near as sensitive. Gonna run some arimidex for rest of cycle to play it safe

  6. Went to endo / breast specialist this morning. He said definitely is gyno, but a mild case. He said to try decrease caffeine intake, take Vit E, primrose oil and ibuprofen for a couple of months to see if helps. If not its surgery time. He said there is no way to get rid of gyno by taking anything (tamoxifen or letrozole). He said he does at least 5 gyno removal a month. Out****ingstanding!


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