Length On 1st Cycle Test Prop

  1. Length On 1st Cycle Test Prop

    Any thoughts on length of my first cycle of test prop running 500 mg/week?

    How much time off to take off before starting my 2nd cycle?


  2. Time on plus pct should be time off. Are you building up to 500 or just starting at 500?

  3. Man this was my first run ever!! Great stuff but make sure you pin eod and I recommend spot injections and working out spot you hit or be Rdy for a feeling like a donkey kicked you!! Anyhow all research I did and my guy the same said and claim first cycle is most important for gains and growth 8-10 wks is what I was told and read.. I ran 10... Only thing that was negative was really sensitive nipples... Other than that awesome

  4. As of Sunday I built up to 500 over 1 week. Tonight will be 200 - 1st shot for 2nd week making my way up to 600 by week ending. Will stay constant at 600 for 8 - 10 weeks. Had a small rash and feeling flushed in first week and it all went away in the last 2 days.

  5. Doing 600/week. Only thing I don't like is the water retention in both ankles.

  6. For a first cycle no need to up it to 600. The prop ester is mg for mg stronger then cyp or enth... So a first cycle of 450-500 is really enough.

  7. For me, I only roll with Test C or P and sometimes Tren. If the bottle is 10ml, I cycle 2 bottles for 10 weeks. If it's 25ml, I cycle 1 bottle for 12 weeks. That leaves no open bottles at the end of cycle (no reason besides personal preference).That's also in general. Depending on particulars, I'll change things.

    At bare minimum, time off equals time on.

  8. Water retention in both ankles? How are your nipples? Sounds like you need some Arimidex to decrease the Estrogen Aromatization. Drink a lot of water and follow a low sodium diet also.


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