B6 for prolactin?

  1. B6 for prolactin?

    Heard this from guy in regards to tren run... Does this really work? Anyone

  2. Today we have a lot of better options : caber, prami, selegiline... any reason to prefer b6 ?

  3. lack of side effects. if you are going to go that route, its best to buy b6 as p5p rather than pyridoxine hcl as p5p is more bioavailable and doesn't cause some of the nerve damage that pyridoxine hcl does at high doses.

  4. If your gonna do it, do it right... Use BLRs prolactrone, everything iv used from them works great and iv read no bad feed back on any of there products other then 2 people that had a ax to grind with the owner for some reason. I'm getting 2 bottles for myself.

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