Turning the big 4-0 next week. Need the guidance of folks here. My 1st post.

I've been on a cycle before, where it was administered to me, EQ, dbol etc when I was 30/31, never paid attention much to the cylce as it was administered by a work out partner of a known body builder - wish I did. Was very lean and ripped back then. Fast forward few years, married and then got sarcoidosis, so last 2 years I've been on prednisone, that turn my body to sh*t. Went up to 240, now I'm down to 215 but hit a plateau. This was thru hard work outs and clean diets, ride a bike on the weekends anywhere from 30-100 miles. I like to get on another cycle to get leaned out. Been lurking and reading about various types of possible remedies. Can anyone tell me what I could get and how I should do it. Also, going to Mexico next week, so if I can find out what is needed, possibly buy it from there.

1. What should I do, EQ, DBol, Test ?
2. What Frequency \ cylce (dosage & duration)?
3. How should I come down - anti-e stuff. What should I take and duration.

Not looking to to get large, but lean out with some nice muscle definitions. Loose the gut, was at 40,at 36 right now like to get back to 30/32.