I turn 43 this Saturday

  1. I turn 43 this Saturday

    Well, I will be 43 this Saturday. Thank the Lord that I have an Alabama game and a UFC event to keep my mind off the number.
    Roll Tide!

    Anyway. I haven't been able to train for close to two weeks because of a bad sinus infection. Going back to the doc today for a follow-up, anitbiotic may have not been strong enough. It sucks feeling this way, especially since have been training since 1986. I think I need a reset on my training priorities.

    From 1986 to 1994 I was into lifting for power and size. After graduating college, I joined the Army and spent the next four years at Ft. Bragg.
    If you know anything about Bragg, a lot of running goes on there in the mornings on Ardennes. Anyway, I became a running junkie. I continued to lift, but it just wasn't the same. After I left the military, I continued to run, thinking I really wasn't getting a good workout in unless I put in my mileage (2-6 miles) and hit a body part or two, or some form of quasi-circuit/crossfit routine.

    Over the past two years or so I have been experiencing calf strains everysooften. One time a strain put me out of running for two months. That took a toll on my psyche, but I managed to find alternate cardio instead.

    I used to think i had to really push, and put myself thru a "gut-check" at every workout. Even I felt great about my training, and how it made me feel, it is just not providing the results that I want to see anymore.

    Time for a change? Probably.

    It is 2012 almost 2013, and I am 43. I feel like I want to find a template that works best for me. I think I will hit the "reset" button and try something old but different.

    My new template:

    Eat cleaner.
    Compound Lifts and short (HIIT) workouts.

    Try to keep it simple and sweet.

    We'll see.....

  2. HIIT will work wonders for you. I incorporate it year round, whether on a strength or endurance routine. No injuries, faster recovery, higher cardio, and no loss in strength.

  3. Got a template to help me mix it up?

  4. I just turned 45, and I do exactly what you plan. I lift 3-4 days a week, 50-70m, depending on the program and day. ( Doing WS4SB's for last 2 months, prob several more ).
    I also do HIIT twice a week, and run 3-5 miles one day a week. Works well for me,
    As gay as it might sound, I do an INSANITY DVD for HIIT once, if not twice a week. I promise, they kick your a$$.
    I really devise my own program, the HIIT/Cardio portion, and change it every 6 months or so.
    Just come up with a plan, and make yourself stick to it.
    I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know. Just giving my experience at a similar, if not slightly older age.

    I was at Bragg from 86-90.. 1/39 FA, then Corps Arty, 13 F... Did it the other way, went to college after I got out...

    Good luck Bro....

  5. The Warrior Battalion? I was there too! Awesome rdent! 94-98. "Warriors all the way!" HHB, "Headhunters!"
    I did Insanity about a year ago. Good workout program.

    What are Ws4sb's?

  6. Y, INSANITY was what got me back on the road 3 years ago, after 4 kids and a lull of working out for 4-5.
    West Side For Skinny Bastards, a defranco program based off Westside Barbell. I believe one of several 'proven' programs. I've looked at a few, contemplated what suits my style and goals, 5/3/1, Germ Vol Trng, there's a hundred out there.
    Funny, same unit. Ahhh, the good old days, pounding Ardennes, loading up at Pope AFB, hitting the old DZ and humping to an OP.

  7. Oh man the memories. The PLFs at prejump and all that stuff. The C130s always had a hydraulic leak = scratch.
    Are you kidding me? I did German Volume training last night for my shoulders. I am going to check out Westside For Skinny....
    Good to meet an old warrior batt vet on here. Was LTC Parsons your XO back then? I think he was MAJ Parsons. He was the Battalion Cdr when I got there. We transitioned to the 1 (Abn) 321st FAR. All we did was go to NTC when I was there. Sleeping under the sheds and death valley.

  8. Actually Maj Parsons was in the FSE with me at Corps Arty. I did go to MacDill with Cpt Gill for AC130 training, and then NTC also. Hated that place. I deployed to Panama for Just Cause w/ Gill we coordinated the AC130 missions there.
    Parsons must have been promoted shortly after I got out. Our unit started deployment to Desert Storm, wasn't called that yet, they wouldn't extend me to go with my team, wanted me to reenlist.
    I had seen Sanai Peninsula rotations and didn't want to go for 6 mo's and come back with 2.5 yrs left , so I got out to go to college. 15 days after I PCS'd they put a stop loss on everyone. Shouldn't have taken terminal leave, would've gone with my team. Might be fortunate though, do I don't complain about it.
    I haven't tried GVT yet, thinking about it or 10x10, 5x5 in a few months when I finish up what I'm working on.

  9. Good to see come military guys here, former 0311 3/1. I really get what your saying, I'm 36 now and am recovering from shoulder surgery. Been out of lifting for 9 months now which is mentally debilitating. Hopefully soon I can get back on the horse.
    Semper Fi!!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Southie9
    Good to see come military guys here, former 0311 3/1. I really get what your saying, I'm 36 now and am recovering from shoulder surgery. Been out of lifting for 9 months now which is mentally debilitating. Hopefully soon I can get back on the horse.
    Semper Fi!!
    Def let the shoulder heal, as you get older things are slower to heal, real pain in the arse. Don't want to perm mess anything up. Luckily I haven't had any major injury, or I'd prolly go crazy too, being sidelined. Hopefully you can start lifting soon. Are you in physical therapy now?

  11. PT twice a week, huge pain in the balls. Finally able to go back to work in a few weeks and your right, every year older I get every injury feels magnified.

  12. @CorpKiller.... Any decision or routine plans as yet?

  13. Sorry, meant to say what's your HIIT plans?

  14. I'm 43 tomorrow and in the best shape of my life Had a great 2.5 hour mountain bike ride today. My routine is the same as it has been for the last 20 years. Hit the gym 5-6 times a week for 60-95 mins. If the weather is ****ty (I'm in Vancouver and it rains a lot in the winter) then I'll try and do cardio in the gym at least once a week otherwise mountain biking gives me my cardio. If the weather is nicer then I'll do less gym work and more mountain biking.

    Interested in these other routines such as Insanity that you guys are doing. I might try mixing it up a bit myself.


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