why would I have high test 2 months after test cyp cycle?

  1. why would I have high test 2 months after test cyp cycle?

    Last spring I ran Test Cyp for the first time at 250mcg a week for 6 weeks and then tapered to 100mcg a week for 2 weeks to stretch it for a race. I used Nolva and HCG for the PCT and everything went fine. In August I was having some time constraints that impacted my ability to train and in an effort to keep my gains I added more calories. My BF went from 12% to 16% and my health went to sh!t. Depression, low libido, fatigue, joint pain. I went to the doctor expecting low test but the results came back at 900, he didnt check estrogen or free test, but I did get a referal to an endo (in 2 weeks).
    How could my test be so high 6 weeks after my PCT? Last time I was checked (200?) my total test came back normal, even though I have always felt like it was low.

  2. 250mcg? That must have been one hell of a cycle.

  3. To me thats good news not bad.
    you should check the estro and free test
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Frank Reynolds View Post
    250mcg? That must have been one hell of a cycle.
    Sorry, I've been researching peptides lately. I meant 250mg... i think.

    I'll talk to the endo soon and get some more tests done, I was hoping to go in there armed with some more information. I am hesitant to tell the dr I just ran a cycle of test.

  5. Don't be scared to tell the doc. It will help him understand better what may be going on with you. Otherwise, you could end up with him trying to fix some problems that weren't really needing fixing, ya know?

  6. I dont want the doctor to brush me off as a "doper" who just needs to let his body readjust. I am seeing a new doctor who is much more sports oriented soon, i will hopefully be able to be more open with him.

  7. Well, honestly what do you expect? You ran a cycle and you should tell the doc, but you have to expect that he is going to tell you that you need to wait for things to return to normal. As normal as it may be around this site, running cycles is not normal, and if you want to get right you need to have a solid baseline.

  8. So are you just wanting HRT regardless? It sort of sounds like you are hoping it is low. If you do tell the doc, and he does tell you to wait a bit more to see what your levels are, what's wrong with that? If you have a high total test and you still have all the symptoms of low test, then obviously you'll be able to get a solid diagnosis of what the issue really is.

  9. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your input, I am not getting notifications of your replies.

    No sir, I would definitely prefer to make my own Test and keep it free. I dont like the idea of being dependant on a supply of artificial hormone, or the frequent injections.
    I am suprised that my body had not readjusted already, after PCT I felt great and then later experienced symptoms of low Test again. I say again because I had been having those symptoms before I tried the Test Cyp. After years of using various "natural" test boosters I gave up and tried the real thing.
    I did expect my levels to be low, I was hoping that they would have been a little supressed so that if I was borderline naturally, I wouldnt have to search so hard to find a doctor who would put me back in the mid high range. Thats why I didnt want to tell the Dr. Also, these symptoms suck hard and the faster I get it resolved the better, Im losing all my gains and stressing my relationship.

  10. If I was done with PCT in July shouldnt I have returned to baseline by October?

  11. Lol man I was there.. Hey bro chill and try some natural test boosters and libido herbs... Eat healthy and get sleep... Dude I freaked after my **** was off and had same thoughts... It will all come back the body is amazing machine and 250 a week ain't that much over... Your prolactin lvls could be high... Eat b6 400mg a day... Also ya your pit gland could be off axis but with good supplements and keep training it will all come back.


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