Does SD mess with sleep?

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  1. Does SD mess with sleep?

    Hey guys I'm a newbie so looking for some answers if anyone can help. I started taking SD about 3 weeks ago and for the last couple of weeks I wake up numerous times thought the night. Could this be from the SD?
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  2. Yes 100%. SD killed my sleep. I went from sleeping an easy 8 hours without waking to waking up every 2 or 3 hours.

    The people who make nyquil have a new sleep aid out called zzzquil. I'd recommend taking a light dose of that to get some sustained sleep for the last week or two of your SD run. Good luck buddy.

  3. Perfect! Thanks bro
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  4. No prob bro. Biggest thing I did to help was eat HUGE carbs before bed. The positives of SD will hopefully outweigh the negatives for you too.

  5. That sleep aid may add to liver toxicity. Something to be aware of.

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  6. Positives have been insane! I love it. Carbs before bed huh?
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  7. I'm only taking 1 an hour before workouts so around 50mg a week is that still enough to cause liver issues?
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  8. I should say I just dropped it to that amount. My buddy was saying he has heard great things, with few sides from doing it that way. Is that true?
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  9. People run 10mg SD cycles all day. I won't go higher than 20 anymore (if I ever run SD again...). 30mg is way too harsh and take it from me the sides are terrible. I've even seen people run 5mg cycles with good results.

  10. Whats your PCT look like? just curious

  11. Taking erase 2 times a day
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  12. I was thinking about taking Torem as well. Any tips would be appreciated.
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  13. Bro, i would get to the PCT forum on here or use the search button to get yourself a proper PCT program together. You are taking a very strong steroid that can also be very toxic.

    I've done several cycles, never at 10mg, but I always made sure to take the necessary on cycle supps, as well as, having a thorough PCT program lined up.

    And please don't drink alcohol while doing a cycle of SD.

  14. Would did you do for PCT?
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  15. I gotta admit I kinda went into with the wrong info I guess
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  16. Please understand I'm not bustin your balls... i'm trying to make sure you keep them. I'm guessing you probably didnt do a lot of front research? so here is a brief description of the steroid you are on.

    Innovator: Designer Supplements
    Nomenclature: 2a, 17a-dimethyl-17-hydroxy-5a-etiocholan -3-one
    Pill size: 10mg
    Dosages: 10-30mg
    Side Effects: liver toxicity, bad lipid profiles, hypoglycemia lower back and calf pumps, some users report agrivation of gynecomastia with this compound. From personal experience, it gives me a wicked rebound, that causes some flare-up.
    Reputation: Side effects vary from mild to extremely harsh, so use caution if planning your first run. Excellent dry gains. Great for bulking or cutting. Explosive strength gains.
    This is a methylated form of Drostanolone (Masteron)

    As for PCT I always ran 20&30mg SD cycles. I always wanted to be safe rather than sorry so i made sure to:

    front load mega dose fish oils, run throughout and PCT
    front load Cycle Assist, or some times all separate supps, run throughout and PCT
    SERM, i always used Nolva but they all work
    7-keto or something for Cortisol control
    2 different Test boasters, i liked to find ones that could be stack and were synergistic together

    It's been close to 2 years since since i've run it so you;ll need to look around and see exactly what others are doing.

    Hope this helps.

  17. Thanks bro. I I definitely appreciate the info. I have been a little on the cautious side with it. Only ran 20mg a day for a week. Otherwise only on WOD I am taking krill oil 3 times a day. Some milk thistle, and taking erase which I was told to take into PCT. the only other thing I was told about was a SERM he said to get Torem and maybe Nolva.
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  18. Sorry I mean Torem or Nolva. What would be a good test booster?
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  19. No prob, glad to help. There's a lot of good test boosters out there. I did 2 weeks of DAA, EndoSurge and Erase and really liked it.

    Read thru the Supplements Forum and see whats hot. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Most guys on here, especially the ones that have been around for awhile, are very knowledgeable and helpful.

  20. Torem 90, 90, 60, 30
    Purus Labs Recycle 2 pills a day
    Erase 0, 3, 3, 3
    DAA 3 grams a day

    That's my go-to pct brother. Like my man said above me, you can use nolva too if you like.

  21. Dumb question but do the numbers mean mgs?
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  22. For the Torem? I'm assuming the erase is pills per day?
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  23. I wish I would've been on this app before you guys are a lot more help than what I got before
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by niners4reggie
    I wish I would've been on this app before you guys are a lot more help than what I got before
    you're still on cycle, so you still have time to get a proper pct.

    Next time get the pct first.

    Good luck bro, enjoy the SD.

  25. Will do bro thanks
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