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    Hi guys. Question let's say someone wanted to take somthing to put on some muscle and loose some fat. At the age of 39 and wanted it to oral and the safest. What would that be?

  2. Are you talking ph?1st!
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  3. Did.mdrol in the past.

  4. Ostarine.

  5. Will look that up. Thanks.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by warsteiner
    I heard it not to effective dolo.

  7. It depends what you mean by 'effective'. If you are looking to gain 10lbs then, no, ostarine won't do this but at a moderate dose it will should allow you to gain 4-5lbs over 6-8 weeks while losing a couple of lbs of fat (diet dependant) with practically zero side effects (i.e. no lethargy, back pumps, minimal, if any, shutdown, no liver toxicity, no cholesterol problems) and only a very mild OTC PCT is required i.e. DAA/Erase.

    Most users find that 25mg per day is when sides start to kick-in. I've been using 17.5mg for the last 4 weeks and on a slight calorie deficit I've gained 1lb in weight but have lost 1/2" from my waist, 1/4" from my chest, approx 1% BF and have hit a new PR with squats and my strength in all lifts is up. The only other supps I'm using are whey, pre-workout (White Flood), fish oil and vit D and I'm not noticing any negative side effects.

    If you are looking for massive changes to body composition then ostarine isn't the right product but for slow, steady changes with little to no side effects then it's worth giving it a go.


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