52 years old, 19% bf.

I've always had a lot of breast tissue since my 20s.

I've tried everything training and cardio wise to no avail.

E2 level is low enough (8), I don't have any estrogenic symptoms (tender nipples, etc.), so I don't see how it's gyno-related. They seems to be worse later in the day after consuming calories and water, as they get puffier. In the morning before food/drink, I appear leaner.

Maybe pseudo-gyno or just pec fat?

To reduce bf, I have been doing intermittent fasting for about 8 mos. and just went even lower carb (keto) about a month ago, but I seem to be stuck at this bf level no matter. My caloric intake is just slightly under my TEE.

How else can I rid myself of these unsightly "stretch" marks on the sides of my pecs from the weight of the pecs and get some nice cuts? Seems to me it's all about bf.