Another trt user

  1. Another trt user

    New member, looks like a great site for info!

    Little background, always have been above average athlete and very strong since around 11 years old. Lifted weights all thru college etc and scoffed at the "juicers" who I was always stronger than. Hit the 30s, life got busy, stressful etc. Diet suffered, got a few injurys. So now late 30s, no energy, no libido for like 8 years. Spent lots of $ on otc supps to try to fix myself, fatigue sups, testosterone sups.

    I still look like I lift and muscle memory comes back fast when I actually have energy to exercise. I felt stupid even asking the doctor about it since I appear to workout(what would he think?), finally got a blood test and was at 285, down further from 320 4 years ago. He has always been quick to give anti depressants before.

    After a lot of reading should I have started trt? Probably should've tried harder at diet and stress reduction I guess, but with 0 energy or will??
    Anyways It took 4 hours to get up the courage to inject the first 1ml dose after watching damn youtube videos. I felt like a horrible cheater.

    I have a lot more reading to do, appears there are might be a few things I should be doing along with the testosterone injections like maybe DIM and hcg.

    If the trt got me into shape is there the possibility I could come off it and actually recover a more normal level of testosterone or am I stuck on this for good? At this point in life I care more about libido and looking/feeling halfway decent, no more personal records or gym ego is needed.

    I'm on week 2, feel a little more energy. I don't think I've done a workout over 25 mins in over 3 years so hoping to get past that point 1st.

  2. There are a lot of details missing from you post as far as what has been tested, but just assuming you really need to be on TRT: it does take most guys 2-4 weeks with regular dosing and schedule to notice any results. Secondly, you don't need to add anything else into the mix- once you know where you need to be to feel optimal with the least amount of test. Some guys split it into multiple doses throughout the week to keep e2 down and make the test levels more level. Some of us don't have that issue, so once a week is fine. It really is up to you.

    If you need to be on TRT, it is for life. Could you stop and run PCT to come back to normal- sure. But if 200s level test is your normal, do you really want to go back to that? I say hell no you don't.

  3. Feel like you're cheating? You have a medical condition and you're being treated for it medically. It's not cheating at all. Besides, are you an athlete or something? Thats the only way it'd be cheating. Either way, Natural Test boosters suck and are a complete ripoff & waste of money. You're making the right decision for yourself and your family. I've been prescribed anti depressants also and they haven't done anything for the last few years! I'm now divorced due to complications from having low test and have finally gotten treatment and feel great. It's a shame most doctors only treat based on the numbers and not the symptoms. My low T was self diagnosed after performing tons of research and now an anti aging clinic has saved the day and is treating me.

  4. By the way, I'm the same as you. I'm very muscular. I caught a peek of my neurologist's notes and he referred to me as "extremely muscular". Low T wouldn't be obvious in my physical condition. Low T doesn't affect everyone the same especially if you follow a good diet and workout. I've experienced low energy but my pre workout supplements have pushed me through my workouts.

    Besides 200 mg a week, I take Anostrozole, B12 (IM) and a low dose of HCG. I also take a higher dose of HCG & Clomid for post treatment/PCT. I never want to come off though. I'm not going back to how I felt for the last 3 - 4 years! It's like anyone else that takes maintenance medicine.

  5. At week 3, not liking the shrinkage, "IF" hcg will help/hault with that I might continue this trt. I don't know if its the placebo effect or what but I am able to stick to a healthy diet and get to the gym now.

    I've read I wouldn't need a PCT if I were to stop, some otc supplements may help?

    Maybe I'm getting cold feet, I've read the best things don't take effect till week 3 and after. But aching balls and shrinkage are not sitting well with me.

  6. If your concern about being on TRT is the fact that your nuts have shrunk a little, then you have your priorities wrong. Those of us in TRT are on it because our lives were not the same as they used to be and wanted to live our very best. Hmmm, a great life or smaller balls...pretty tough decision.

    In all likely hood, you probably should have evaluated yourself and explored all avenues before getting on TRT- because maybe you didn't really need it. Better to start working with a specialist and figure out what you are going to do now that you are in the very beginning. Also, chances are that you aren't even feeling any effects at only 3 weeks in.

  7. does the insurance pay for TRT? the anti aging clinic I contacted wanted an arm and a leg for a month supply and they said I would have to pay for it directly not through insurance, so I did not buy into it. I need to take another test but I need to find a good doctor first. right now trying DAA but I'm not a believer in the boosters but figured I would give it a try first as DAA had good rep. I may finish my bottle and wait a period then do the test if I find the right doctor.

  8. Insurance will pay for it if it is really needed. Most of these anti-aging type clinics will find any reason to put someone on HRT, so insurance companies are onto it. I get 3mo of test c for $5 through insurance.

  9. I never gave the concept of "cheating" a second thought. The health benefits are far too important by themselves.

  10. You could equate the thought of TRT as cheating the same way that medicine is cheating, or pain relievers are cheating, or antibiotics are cheating. It's a ridiculous idea.

  11. Dude, test drops like a prom dress once you're in your thirties. That's why i'm on here! There's no such thing as "cheating" when it comes to boosting test unless you count that half an apple pie i killed the other night. Just my opinion.


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