erase and anabeta stack "sore joints need help"

  1. erase and anabeta stack "sore joints need help"

    i'm about a week in on a pes erase and anabeta stack. i started with 1 erase 1 anabeta in the morning 1 erase and 2 anabeta 30 min before i work out and 1 erase and 1 anabeta at night for a total of 3 erase and 4 anabeta. by day two my right shoulder was acting weird kinda grinding and hurt by day four my left elbow now hurts also i lowered my dose of the erase after day two because i have read all the talks on sore joints while using erase my question is will the erase still work if i only take one a day because the pain is not going away and i know its the erase doing it . i'm still taking 2 a day because its not that bad but the pain in my left elbow is a new pain. i don't think it is worth it if my joints are going to be all out of whack on this stuff , i also take animal pack(multi vitamine),whey protein,glutamine caps, and glucosamine chondroitin(just started the joint health) and my diet is pretty good also i'm 6'2 255 lbs and have been working out my hole life off and on but pretty serious the last 2 years, also i just got done with a halotest 30 day cycle. sorry for jumping all around with my text any help would be nice.

  2. Decrease the erase to 2/day.

    Good luck...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by napalm
    Decrease the erase to 2/day.

    Good luck...
    You could do this. Or if your taking fish oil up your fish oil. And if your not taking fish oil, start!

  4. i was thinking i should start taking fish oil are we talking omega 3 or what do you recommend.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dino dan View Post
    i was thinking i should start taking fish oil are we talking omega 3 or what do you recommend.
    Optimum Fish Oil are great. Start with 3 a day and if you continue to see probelms go to 6 a day.
    If you dont want to order them online just go to your nearby pharmacy and get some 1000mg fish oil caps.

  6. right on thanks greg - im on it like a hobo on a ham sandwitch lol

  7. Costco is your best bet they also have a bomb joint supp

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  8. If you're still experiencing joint pain on two per day, lower it to one and jump on some fish oil. After that increase it back to two capsules and see if the pain has subsided.
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  9. agreed, fishoil and Cissus would be a good call.

  10. lots of fish oil, super cissus, and animal flex. Some may call it overkill but works for me

  11. up date on the "ERASE" ...... i had to stop taking it wasn't worth the joint pain. now im on track and i have made some serious gains not sure if the anabetta has helped me over my platue but i work out solo(i don't have a work out partner) and the other day i did a 5 rep of 255 on the bench and it was easy some thing is going on with me and i like it!!!!!!


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