36 and helpless

  1. 36 and helpless

    Alright guys,

    I am a 36 year old chubby dude who is in sad shape. I have had two Testosterone tests and measured at 251 and 246. According to the VA, this is not worthy of being put on ANYTHING! I am in Utah and I do not know of anything around here... who to talk to - where to go - when to go. I have looked up a number of Utah doctors online and I keep getting the run around from them. my free test was at 1.0 on only one exam (the other didn't measure). I do not know where to go from here (online? nah. as so many of the online sites seem a bit... uh... fishy?)
    I have see a few of you post about having doctors in far away lands (well far from me) how'd you find them?
    I am going to end up being a cash paying customer to some pharmacy like walgreens (no ins.), but I don't even know where to get started. My wife wants kids right now, but I am not much up to task... and then there is the whole other problem of "no powder in my cannon".

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  2. in before ban..

  3. Quote Originally Posted by propho View Post
    in before ban..
    I don't want to be banned I just need help. You obviously have no desire to offer advice, so why bother?

  4. Dude - fix your diet and get off the couch before you start looking for "quick fixes". Exercise will increase your test levels. Look on here for diet and exercise plans.

  5. Like the previous poster said...get up and start making some changes. It is plain to see that you are out of shape and the diet is a mess. Start by educating yourself in these 2 areas and put that into action. All the Testosterone in the world won't mask eating bad and being lazy. Screw that helpless mentality bubba!!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  6. There is no substitute for self motivation and will. If you cannot motivate yourself all the juice in the world would make zero difference. The only person responsible is you, you must take the initiative to change your life yourself and commit to that change.
    Time to nut up hoss!


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