42 and on my first ever steroid - Superdrol

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  1. Why are you taking so many things for pct? Are most of them for just in case?

  2. Maybe overkill I know. I consider the Testabolan, Nolvadren XT, Erase, Dermacrine and herbal tinctures to be optional. I personally have had good results with Dermacrine before and I find M-Stak gives me a good appetite. I've also had very good results with the Tongkat Ali that I have.

    I've used herbal products on and off the last 25 years with good results, so it's the reason I'm stacking them here. You'll find most of these herbs in "cycle support" type products. I also find some of them to be beneficial to health - whether or not you are on PCT.

    I actually think a couple of other products would be good as well: EndoAmp and Toco-8.

  3. I am just taking a natty tb off the shelf and i was just asking. Thanks for your write up.

  4. [QUOTE=leftside1;3624412]

    Here is my PCT for 4 weeks:
    - Clomid: 100mg first 3 days, then 50mg up to 3 weeks. I may consider a 4th week.
    - Tongkat Ali: 1800 mg/day - 3 doses of 600 mg
    - FormaSurge: 2 pumps/day
    - DAA: 3gr/day
    - Testabolan: 4 caps/day. 2 in morning, 2 in evening
    - Nolvadren XT: 2 caps/day with first meal
    - Dermacrine: 4 pumps/day


    i would continue into a natty stack secound month that is a lot for pct

    2nd month
    - FormaSurge: 2 pumps/day-------should have enuff to continue into secound month
    - Animal M-Stak: 1 pack/day (minus the stims)
    - DAA
    formasurge is strong enuff, keep the erase for a nother time.

    or just do ur thing, u diffenetly dont need forma and erase together.

  5. Ok thanks. All comments appreciated.

  6. On day 4 of PCT. No issues yet - but I am mountain biking all week. Hard to not feel great when mountain biking. Felt a little emotional the other day, but that is probably the clomid. A good ride sorted that out. At least I now have a little empathy for the fairer sex

    At the end of the cycle I was 184 and this felt a little bulky for me. Being away from home and mtn biking every day, I've definitely lost some of that weight/bulk but I feel much better physically. Riding uphill was getting more difficult than normal, but was better again today.

  7. 1 week of PCT and I'm not sure what I was worried about. Feel really good. Weighed myself in the gym this morning, and still 184.

    At the end of the SD 3 week cycle I felt a little bulky/bloated and cardio started to suck. But now, even though I am the same weight, I feel great. Definitely stronger - as proven by this mornings gym session. Cardio is also ok.

    I'll definitely do SD or something similar again. Probably for 3/4 weeks at 10mg/day.

  8. SD got a bad rap. But its the ****. The down side of pct was secound third week for me. The clomids not fukin with ur vision

  9. I can see why SD got a bad rap. It is a little toxic. You have to treat it with a lot of respect, but the results are definitely there. 20mg/day was too much for me. 10mg/day was very good.

    Thx for the warning regarding the 2nd or 3rd week. I'll keep wary. I'm having no problems with the clomid. Ran it at 100mg for the first 3 days and 50mg now.

  10. Day 15 of PCT. Absolutely no problems this week. Started a new contract, and even with the change in routine/schedule/etc managed to keep the weight at 182. Balls seem to have completely dropped again lol. I'll do 1 more week of the clomid.

    Had a bit of an accident on the mtn bike today though With this shoulder injury there will be no upper body exercises for 3-4 weeks. Legs and cardio in the gym here we come.... I guess it's the way it goes sometimes. I'll heal in about a month, then start hitting the gym again for another 2 months before I start my next cycle.

  11. Just a final follow up if anyone is interested. PCT was a breeze. Felt good almost the whole time, even though I hurt my shoulder mountain biking and had to do only cardio and legs in the gym most of this week. Normally this would have pissed me off. Managed to keep the weight at 182, though I can see myself going below 180 again with this shoulder injury. Luckily the shoulder injury in healing much faster than what the doctors said, and I did manage to do some light upper body work yesterday.

    Added a few extra products including some nootropics:
    EndoMax: * 1 scoops per day
    Toco-8: * 2 scoops per day
    Alpha GPC: 300mg 1*/day. EndoMax also contains Alpha GPC.
    Aniracetam: 750mg twice per day
    Alcar: 500mg twice per day

  12. Quote Originally Posted by trapp mann
    Hey bro,I'm not trying to step on your post but you know when you finish up the super drol cycle you will lose 99%of your gains which are all water,just saying,
    Hit me up when you are ready to do a good cycle that won't swell you up with water no sore joints and no harsh sides it's new on the east coast it's real.peace
    superdrol isnt dbol you idiot. theres no aromatizing so its not all water


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