37yr old, considering Anavar/Equipoise cycle for lean gains

  1. 37yr old, considering Anavar/Equipoise cycle for lean gains

    I am 37 years old, been training for 15 years. 215lb (97kg), 6.1 (185cm), BF around 10%. Train mainly using HST (3 days week full body), although I do mix it up every now and then and do traditional 4/week split workouts. I am naturally fairly strong on back/legs/shoulders/triceps/biceps, and weak on chest... Example of training weights this week: Deadlift 400lb (180kg) for 8 reps, squats 440lb (200kg) for 6 reps, leg press 1300lb (600kg) for 6-8 reps, DB press 110lb (45-50kg) for 6 reps. I do NOT need or want to get any stronger, and am simply wanting to add 7-10lb of muscle (3-4kg).
    I have only ever done 2 AB cycles before this. Once stacking Deca/Test, and the other time stacking Deca/Dianabol. I did these cycles in 2010 and 2011. Both cycles were fairly low dosage levels and run for 8-10 weeks. I also used various PCT products post cycle (clomid/pregnyl/etc). On both occasions I suffered from bad gynecomastia*around my nipples, which persisted for several months after the cycle.
    As I do not want to run this same risk again, I want to avoid any overtly androgenic steroids, hence my thoughts around doing an Anavar based cycle (12 weeks), and stacking it with something else like Equipoise which is only midly androgenic. I was thinking of 50mg/day of Anavar, and 500mg/week of Equipoise.
    My objective is to add 7-10lb over the 12 weeks. Is this a reasonable objective using these compounds/dosages?
    Should I still include some PCT afterwards? If Yes, then what?
    Any other suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. throw in like 250-500mgs a week test imo, only since you will suppress the hell out of your natural test production with the eq and var. be careful with the eq. I know im not the only person who's had issues with it. its not as mild as they say it is.

    take a look here also. more people that have used it with both good and bad experiences. http://www.professionalmuscle.com/fo...u-like-eq.html

    Quote Originally Posted by GLHF View Post
    i used EQ twice. first time along with test e, 4weeks at 400mg (only had that much). second time i decided to give it a good run. 10weeks at 600mg + test e my plan was do go 14-16weeks lean bulk. i stopped it at week 10. both times i did EQ i felt like i was having a heart attack from walking up the stairs. to me EQ is only good on paper, lean anabolic, low water retention etc...but in actuality it sucks.

    hey u might run it and ****ing LOVE it! only one way to find out bro. keep smashing that ****. but if ur heart starts pounding in the later weeks, straight up drop the EQ.
    that ones pasted from my own personal log with eq. the heart attack walking up the stairs thing, yeah i got that issue rolling over in bed. my heart would start beating so fast i'd have to catch my breath. my heart rate and bp would just spike like that out of no where. i'd go from 130/82 (normal) to 165/95 bp and i never actually checked my heart rate but it would just speed up for no reason. but like glhf said you may have no issues with it, i just want to warn of the sides many have seen with it.
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream

  3. Thanks Superbeast for the info, and you have got me concerned after reading the mixed reviews, with only 2/3 rds of the users finding equipose useful... I have also read elsewhere that it is important to front load equipoise in order to start seeing the gains early one, which i guess most people dont do. Bill Roberts writes "Presently, for the most part there is little specific reason to use Equipoise in an anabolic steroid cycle. There is nothing that it does anabolically that Masteron, Primobolan, Deca, or trenbolone will not do" - which gets me thinking i might need to find something else to stack with Anavar...

    My initial idea was to run Anavar at 50mg ed, and Equipoise at 500mg ew after 1 week of front loading. This for 12 weeks, and then Test Cyp from week 1-5 at 400-500mg/ week. Due to the low androgenic effects- even with the test - was not going to run a PCT until week 10

    At this stage i am not sure whether to go for the Equipoise, as there are so many extremely mixed views...

    Many thanks for the input

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