old man update

  1. old man update

    Yesterday I hit a 355 bench for 2 and today is squat day. Still have a ways to go before worlds, but will need it as both squat and dl are heading in the wrong direction. Would like to give credit where credit is due. I have tried ageforce energy patch and WOW it really does work. After major work outs I would crawl out of the gym due to no energy at all. It was like someone turned off the switch. Well, the last 3 work outs have been quite different. My muscles are tired and really cant do anymore, but the energy is still there. The light switch is still on!! the patch is a 10 hr patch and believe me it works the entire time. if interested give ageforce a look as well as superhumanradio.com. Both are good stuff. Let you know about squats and deads on Thursday.

  2. Great news! I canceled my Energy Patch autoship because I was not sure if I noticed anything given the stimulants I use daily. I still have some in the ol' drawer so I may try them again after my caffeine tolerance has come back to Earth. I'm glad they worked for you!

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