1. BELLY FAT!!!

    So I decided to do a little lean bulking. My diet is clean but I guess I was consuming too many carbs (400g per day).

    It went to straight to my gut and stayed there! (it's fun being 40 lol)

    I'm presently half way through a Test prop 50mg ed / Tbol 30mg ed cycle.(8 weeks total...4 weeks done)

    My diet is 250-300g protein per day
    200g carbs(as of lately)
    and max 30g fat

    I'm 40
    18% bodyfat because of my gut

    Any suggestions on my cycle, supplements, or diet???

  2. Your fat intake is very low (not good). What are you eating? What is your fiber intake?

    What is your lifting plan? What are you doing for cardio?

    What is your BMR?

    Your LBM is rather low if your stats are correct. You need to really focus on eating clean and lifting hard.
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  3. Almost 2 weeks since your post......I eat fiber/protein before bed (Myofusion 2 scoops with ground flax and water) and I've upped my fat intake 3 Fold with Avocados,nuts, and olive oil.

    Thanks a million!!!! My gut is not completely gone but I am definitely seeing results - To think I was about to start a Clen cycle when all I need was a cycle of Avocado,Nuts,and olive oil ........PCT - 2 golden oreos

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