Natural Test/ Estrogen Control Supplements

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    Natural Test/ Estrogen Control Supplements

    Hello everyone. Newbie here with a couple of questions. I am a 46 yo male, good health, average condition(not a body builder or gym rat), work out about 3 days a week. During a recent physical, test results came back in the "low normal"(208) range so, doc will not consider any TRT. So, I am interested in finding some supplements that will help boost test into a "normal midrange" and control estrogen. I am a little soft/bloated in the pec area but, I am not super lean either so this may be normal. I would like to find something that can be taken long term, daily, with as few side effects as possible. Also, I would love to see a substantial boost in libido and hardness.
    I know, I want it all and I want it to be safe, and that may be unrealistic. So, I would love to hear all of your suggestions as to products and dosagea.



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    Forerunners product Reboot is solid, kind of a all in one, Erase is a solid product as well. There's so many, just search the forum and you'll find logs etc on various products
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    New here but mucho experience in this stuff (55 yo on TRT for 3 years). First, at that level, your doc should put you on Androgel. Mine wasn't that low (I don't remember the number but it was in the low 300s I think) and he gave me a script. Second, you can try what I found actually works. DAA with DIM. The recommended dosage of DAA is 3g/day but it just doesn't seem to work for me that way. I generally take 5G per day and it kicks in about 2 weeks. I've heard of loading at 6g for 2-3 weeks and then 3g maintenance. Whatever. It's cheap and it works. The downside is that it jacks up your estrogen level, too. Maybe even more than your test. Therefore, get some DIM and take 100-300mg/day depending on how you feel. If my nips get sensitive and I cry at chick-flics, time to add more DIM! Spread it out through the day like one in the AM and one in the PM.
    Keep in mind you need some estrogen to get a boner so don't go over board on DIM. You'll find the right balance for you. If you get a touch of ED or anything like that above all DON'T PANIC. Just play around until you get it right. Worse comes to worse, just get off everything until you feel OK again.
    Trib seems to work a little but only last like an hour or so. You can try it pre-workout but I don't think it's worth the money.
    Give the DAA and DIM a shot and see how it works for you. Just get whats cheap because your going to be using it all the time.

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    I agree with you on the DAA - one of the few natural supplements that works for me.
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    I agree, those two supplements DAA and DIM are ones that I have found to actually work and do what they say. I take Dim long term for estrogen control.
    I also like Maca occasionally too.


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