Natural Test Boost

  1. Natural Test Boost

    I'm a 45 year old male in decent shape and feel the need to naturally boost my testosterone levels. Blood test shows I'm middle of the road when it comes to T levels. I've done quite a bit of research and this is the stack I came up with. I haven't tried it yet, didn't want to spend the money till I get some feedback. At the moment I'm really not interested in "theory feedback" just feedback from people who tried this stack or variations of it and what they experienced. If I'm completely off base, any other successful stacks would be appreciated.

    Here's the list and in parenthesis why.

    DIM (estrogen)
    Nettle Root (SHBG)
    DAA (test boost)
    Mucana Pruriens (prolactin)
    Formadrol (aromatase)
    Betaine (methyl donor)

    ...I'm thinking about adding a quality Trib product or SuperSaponins, any feedback on that would really be appreciated.

    P.S. my quality of life depends on a stack that really works, so please serious feedback only!!!

  2. I've tested quite a few myself and so far I'm liking DAA and Endosurge. The Endosurge covers Macuna and Nettle Root and gives a really nice libido boost. I tried Erase for estrogen control but, even at low doses (1 pill 25mg per day), it bothered my joints too much. Nutraplanet has an excellent deal on the Endosurge/Erase combo when their in stock. Have never tried Formadrol or Betaine so can't comment on them but am interested in topical Formasurge.

    Not a fan of Trib products.

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