1. hi

    well im in this 35 and over cat, im 5ft6 207 lbs and im in the uk

    and this excess chest fat does my head in, ive been trying to give up on the lager and drink spirits, but as i play lawns bowls most weekends it hard, think i need to try just drink vodka or Morgan's or just stick to the whiskey like the old lads drink or try get on the wine

    i take zinc during the day and zma at night, and i also take fish oil, cla, gla, vitd3 and vit c, and i use coconut oil in my coffee twice a day

    just trying to figure out and change my diet again, even thought i do IF everyday, which seems to be help alot

    any tips will be great

  2. Honestly I'd cut the alcohol if at all possible. A good diet and workout routine can be ruined by alcohol. All it is is empty calories with no sustenance that goes right to your gut.

    Average liquor is 100 cals a shot and average beer is about 160. Have multiple and you can consume half your daily allotted cals in drinks alone.

    If you find yourself having to drink try a little bit of liquor heavily watered down with a low calorie drink like water with a sugar free drink mix. Make enough to last you the day with a small amount of liquor as possible and drink plenty of liquids after to help flush your system.

    For diet just start with simple substitution, water instead of juice, wheat instead of white, chicken instead of steak etc

  3. Vodka sodawater limes n lemon. Try only drinking once a week, get on a good CLEAN diet n some good cardio.

  4. Look up the side effect of alcohol on your estrogen levels!! That alone should be enough to convince most not to drink!!

  5. went for a swim last Saturday, for each length i was going fast as i can then having a rest, i was in the pool for over an hour, then into the small pool for a bit to see my nephew, from the cold to hot, the back into the cold it was great, Sunday i was roasting hot all day, think i need to get back into doing this again



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