Clomid + test booster

  1. Clomid + test booster

    Have low test. Dr put me on clomid and it went from 214 to over 400. Didnt like the way it made me feel. So he prescribed androgel. Too expensive for me. Was wondering if i took a smaller dose than 25mg a day, maybe every other day and added a test booster if it would do anything. Problem here in ny state is that you need a drs signature for blood tests which means it is expensive to track whats happening.

  2. Try a lower dose. Eod or e3d maybe even as low ad 12.5 mg
    And if you are near the state border go to a state that will allow the privatemdlabs.

  3. yea I'm about to refill prescription. Wondering if I should use something like DAA additionally. I take a multivitiman, but i am so tired all the time and have constant brain fog. Dr wants me on androgel and gave me script but its too expensive. I'm on the border of Canada but I doubt that helps with labs.

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