Help with Total Shut Down

  1. Help with Total Shut Down

    So I took tremb acetate for about 3 years (22wks on/2off) before that I took various forms of T on a 10wk on/2 off pattern for about 7 years. About 5 years ago I decided to totally quit everything.Back then I had no idea about PCT. I got very sick. My baseline total test hovers at 180 with high binding and estro conversion thus my available is also low (if I take nothing to help).

    Ive had nuerous endos try to help me with clomid, hcg, and arimidex. While the numbers go nice and high, the side effects of the meds are too bad to handle (cognative fog, dizzy, drugged out feeling,,,on top of the crushing fatigue and brain fog from low t/high e). Im currently trying otc supps now, but what do some of you experts have to say? Id be glad to tell what im taking.

  2. No replies? Come on guys. So I started the following supps in hopes of getting better.

    * tongkat ali 200: 300mg each pill @2 per day
    * Saw Palmetto 320mg each night
    * PES Erase 25mg 3Xs ech day
    * Toco8 as directed
    * Vitamin C w/Taco 8
    * D3 5,000 iu each day
    * Calcium D-Glucarate 500mgX4 each day

    Any advice, comments? Will this get me "back to normal"?

  3. How often were you dosing the Clomid?

  4. Do you know what your natural test levels were before you ever took any steroid?

    Any gyno or hair-loss noticed?

  5. Clomid 50mg right before bed for 30 days. With 3grms DAA right before bed for 30 days.Take them together for just 30days
    Safe and effective. (side free also) I got a son on the way to prove it works.After having done a few cycles of AAS with DS orals.
    Labido is also always good.On and off cycle. If it aint broke.
    Hope this helps you bro



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