five years ago I was in great shape . . . . felt great no issues that was 35. Around the same time I started a new company and basically let myself go to heck and a hand basket got fed up and went ot the dr recently. I've gained around 30+ pounds whats a killer most all of it went around my waist. I'm turning 41 next month and i can tell these last 5-6 have caused a big change in my overall well being.

She tested my Testosterone and said it was much lower then it should (210) so we checked PSA (?) and she prescribed me andrgel 1.6%. I've taken it for three days and honestly i can feel a little bit of an energy boost but research on the internet has me a bit frazzled especially when I called her and she said not to worry about things like Estrogen. So here are my questions:

  • should I be supplementing the androgel with something that blocks estrogen
  • I'm concerned that I've read that my testicles will shrink because they are no longer producing. something like hcg helps that?
  • One of the big issues is ED but I'm reading that if you take androgel and don't keep other hormones in check it'll make it worse

I know that a lot of guys are at peak physical shape . . . . I'm not there. I do quite a bit of cardio that seems to get me no where which is another reason she said i needed to supplement my T.

Basically just concerned that there should be more to the story then just Testosterone addition.