Looking for Chicago area TRT Doc

  1. Looking for Chicago area TRT Doc

    Anyone have a good Dr near Chicago or suburbs that you are satisfied with his care?

  2. I have a trt doc that I am starting trt with; Dr Scott Tiplitsky, a urologist in the NW suburbs. He seems pretty up to speed with trt, and is open to different options for treatment. In my case he has me on HCG monotherapy currently, as I am still looking to have kids, and sometime in the next month we are getting together again to look at some more labs I am having done in order to decide whether to add test injections. Initially we were thinking either clomid or HcG to start, so I like that he is open to different ideas/treatment options. This is after years of having repeated bloodwork done elsewhere, uninterested docs, lifestyle changes etc to try to get to the root cause of what was happening with me. I think he comes up pretty easy in google, but PM me if you need additional info.

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