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  1. Cool Lurker no more

    Hello Everyone . Im not really new but not posted in the forums as of yet.
    I love reading the articles here on this site. Always learing something new.

    A bit about me. I am now 35 years old but mentally I feel 20. Sometimes my body likes to remind me otherwise though.
    When I was in high school I was always the little runt, Tall and skinny. After school I found what It was like to pick up a weight. I loved it.
    So in about 2 years time I put on almost 75lbs!. I was 6'4 145lbs at gradution, By the time I was 20 I was 220.!.
    I know most of that was newbie gains but none the less I still loved it.
    Then I got married,,NO MORE GYM, lost alot of what I worked my ass off for.
    Got a divorce, Got back in gym.. Gained it back.. Got a girl preganant, Got married.. NO MORE GYM. lol
    10 years later I got another divorce and raise my kids myself. I got back into the gym for good this time. I looked up and I was almost 300lbs of beat down fat ass. I had to change. FOR ME. So I hit it hard. No more going out drinking. No more xbox. Just fitness.
    I slimmed back down to 232 and then started bulking to gain my strength back and shot up to 260. I have now found the love of my life and she is understanding of my choice to workout and it is very helpful with me hitting my goals. As for the summer I have took it easy and tried to lean down as much as I can. I am pretty active on another forum board as well, but I have been spending some time here, so I thought I might run a log here. I am now doing a sponsored log for athetix sports right now.
    Im a little unsure as to where to post that at thought here. If someone can show me where to post that I will start that up.

    My stats as of now.
    35 yrs
    max lifts
    squats 315
    deads 330
    bench 330
    I know they are not that good. im working on them though.

  2. Welcome aboard and I look forward to checking out your log. I am trying to decide what to run over the next few months as I run up to my 40th birthday.

  3. I have ran several things over the past few years. I have really like DAA and Prime . That was great.

  4. I forgot to mention what Im running on this log.. GEEZ
    Amino energy
    Formula x
    Fat smack XR

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