The drive to 40

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  1. The drive to 40

    I turn 40 on Jan 29th and I set myself 2 goals for my 40th birthday when I was 35. The first is financial and I will meet that goal. The second was to be lean and mean when I turned 40. Looks like I have a few pounds to go. I plan on logging my journey over the next few months and I am still researching what supplements to use to help me lean up. I will post pictures on a monthly basis hopefully and will post my starting picture once I hit my post count.

    Background: I took an overseas assignment and for the next year I will be away from my family except for leave and any tdy. I have a wonderful wife and 4 kids who I will miss very much. I am hoping to channel that into taking my workouts to the next level barring any more nagging injuries.

    Workout: I mix it up depending on my weekly schedule with the family. My favorite is 1. Back, traps, and light rear delt 2. chest 3. rest or shoulders 4. arms 5. legs 6. rest 7. rest or repeat depending on how my body feels.

    Supplements: Still giving this some thought. The base is always fish oil, multi, and protein. I will try and get in a cycle or two over the next 6 months. I have used Havoc and liked it but my favorite was a dermal test and andro that I remember was banned. Supplements I have used and liked were: Erase, Erase Pro, Shred Matrix, Assault, Compound 20, Anabeta, and SNS DAA powder (should be a staple). Current supplements along with my base: Ignite 2 (really like this pre-wo), SNS Agamtine, SNS ALCAR, SAN NA-R-ALA, Compound 20, Erase Pro, and oral T-911. I have only been using the current for the last week along with Nolva for a PCT from a Havoc cycle.

    I will update later since it time to leave work and i have a baby snoring in my lap (long story and typical of how my life has been the last few years).

  2. To continue, for the last year my diet has consisted of keto and IF. I started in August of last year when I hit 232. I entered a transformation contest and over the next 12 weeks I got to a low of 205. At the end I got distracted with the upcoming surgery of my son. I am still using IF and as of this morning I am 216 lbs. Once I get settled in my new assignment I am going back to keto and depending on how I feel/look I will stick with it or switch back to IF.

  3. Subbed.
    I'm 46 myself, always great to see guys like us tearing it up.
    Good luck!

  4. Thanks Todd. You and some of the other members are a true inspiration.

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    Attached are the images my wife just uploaded. I dont know what my weight is since my bathroom scale is dead. Good thing they arent very flattering so it should help motivate me. They were taken at night and today was a cheat day since it was my last day at work. felt good going to the gym after all the carbs and sushi. I really like my current staples of RecoverPro/Purple Wraath BCAA in the morning. I take my multi, fish oil, SNS ALCAR, and T-911 first thing in the morning. I break my fast around noon and take SNS Agmatine, SAN NA-R-ALA, Compound 20, and Erase Pro. Workout about 5pm and take Ignite 2, multi, T-911 and ALCAR. Post workout I have MGN Cake Batter protein (mmm) and Compound 20. Post workout meal follows around 7-8pm.

    I admit my diet hasnt been very clean the last few weeks with a new baby and the farewell lunchs with the various staff sections. Next week that should change. My only fear is that depression will set in and I will miss my family.

  6. Weight this morning, 218. Yesterday was arms and I still have the elbow pain so I did high rep drop sets for biceps. Tonight is legs abd dependning on how I feel, and how much I get done around the house, Friday and Saturday will be off days or I will start back on back and chest. I wont work out Sunday due to travelling and I figure Monday I will be deal with the jet lag/inprocessing. Wow I really hate those pictures, I look worse than I did at 230. Think I will print them out and tape them up in my room so when the early morning alarm goes off I can see them and go hit some cardio. I may try the Dexaprine smaples I got from Nutraplant. In a week or two I should get my advance and will stock up on a few items. More I think about it the more I am sure I will go back to CKD or TKD since I will be eating at the DFAC.

  7. Here I sit after packing and kissong the kids goodnight. I took the last two days off and finished up a few things around the house and just spent time with the family. Monday (after inprocessing and a nap) I can jump back into it. Bags are stuffed with my supplements and I hope they can make it through the airport. I only had one issue while travelling and they just looked at what I had, nothing was confiscated. First time travelling overseas so my fingers are crossed everything is good.

  8. Spent about 8 days in Germany, ate a lot of Doners and schnitzel, and saw Heidelberg castle and some gardens. Hit the gym 4 days but didn’t do more due to jet lag and my sponsor running me around. Got in some cardio by walking 6 miles a day back forth between work and my apartment with my 40lbs pack. Now I am day 4 with boots on the ground. Miss the gym back in Germany but what we have here is more than adequate.

    Daily routine is up at 4am to talk to my wife.
    Go to the gym between 5-6am or if I am taking the day off I will go back to sleep.
    Workout till 7am, go back to my room, make a shake with milk and 50g of protein, and shower.
    Eat at DFAC between 0730-0800. Work from 0800 till 1700 with lunch around 1200.
    Talk to wife or unwind between 1700-1800 hours. Maybe hit the PX for some supplies.
    Workout 1800 – 1930 hours, go back to room, shower, and make another shake with milk.
    Eat dinner about 1930-2000.
    Talk to wife or watch tv on my laptop till 2100 hours then sleep till 0400 and do it over again.

    I am doing a TKD with an increase in carbs around my workout with the majority of it being milk and fruit. My meals are breakfast is bacon or sausage, eggs and salsa, and yogurt. Lunch is some type of protein fish or beef, some type of veggies, kidney beans, salad with egg and oil/vinegar, and tuna, and more milk. Maybe some fruit occasionally depending on how hungry I am. Dinner is about the same as lunch or we might go out occasionally. Hard to judge macros and calories since I am not weighing my food. Majority of what I eat is protein. Need to get some nuts to add in for additonal healthy fats.

    Current split is day 1: am is back, pm is rear delts, traps, and biceps or I might move something to am depending on time. Day 2: legs either am or pm depending on how I feel. Day 3: chest in the am and triceps and shoulders in the pm. Day 4: off and then repeat or take another day off depending on what my body is telling me. I hate cardio and hopefully the diet will shed the tire around my middle. I might add some LISS depending on progress. Not only do I have a goal for my 40th birthday at the end of January I also want to watch my wife's jaw drop when I get to go see her around Christmas.

    For supplements I sip BCAA a few times a day between meals. Preworkout I take vitamins, fish oil, and my Ignite. I am compiling a wish list and will order in the next few days after I decide what I want to take. I am leaning towards PES Erase pro, Anabeta Elite, and Compound 20 stack along with the basic of protein, vitamin, joint relief, Life cycle, and fish oil.

    Any suggestions regarding diet? Or supplement recommendations? Thinking I should add a piece of whole wheat bread in my meals for additional fiber.

    Weight this morning was 222 according to the scale in the gym. Will post pictures within the next week. Mirror views is that shoulders are starting to come along. Gotta work on biceps now that my elbow isn’t bothering me anymore.

    Next few months I will run a cycle in October/November after the craziness of September and year end is over. Still looking and thinking about what to run, it will depend on what I think I need to work on more, lose more fat, gain mass, or maybe recomp.

  9. Good work so far.
    At your size, if you lose some body fat you're going to look huge.
    Good luck

  10. That is the goal Todd, I want to shock my wife. Right now I am fighting off a stomach virus I picked up. Got up on Sunday and went to work legs. Did front squats on the Smith, back squats on the squat machine, and was pouring sweat. Felt a little nauseous but thought I could handle it. Was into the 3rd set of leg press and had to lay down. Went back to my room and was sick. Didn't eat anything yesterday and so far today I ate grits, bananas, and some toast for breakfast. Lunch was mash potatoes, rice, and toast dipped into veggie soup. So far I am holding it down and in. Tomorrow I will work chest in the am and shoulders/tri in the pm. Hopefully tomorrow I will order my supplements for the next two months. Then decide what to run early October to December before I go home (SD, Havoc again, PP product?). What I choose will depend on what my goal is at the time. Recomp, more fat loss, or mass.

  11. Over the stomach virus and eating normally agin. Got up at 4am, talked to the wife, and hit the gym. Did chest in the am and shoulders/tris in the pm. Mirror says I am making progress. Still along ways to go for what I want but I have the time. Shoulders held up pretty good but I notice my elbows were sore from the incline skullcrushers. I need to brush up on my diet, overall I think it looks pretty good. Not enough green veggies at the DFAC so I have a salad with every meal. Protein is lots of eggs and fish. Switch to chicken for variety when they have breasts. Don't see many good options for red meat, maybe a burger patty here and there for variety.

  12. Wednesday night I went back to do legs since Sunday was a bust with the stomach bug. Did good until I hit the lying leg curl and that nerve down the back of my right leg flared up. I thought I got over this. It started bothering me two weeks ago so I backed off but it would ache occassionaly when I did my hike to work. Going to start going light weight/high reps for hammies. I never think I am old until little things like this start hurting on me. Today I hit back in the am after talking to my wife. Felt good until I started bent over bb rows and my hamstring started aching from that nerve. Intensity dropped off a little after that but overall a good workout. Came back after work and hit rear delts, traps, and biceps. Did high rep/low weight for biceps. On the diet front, I am increasing my fiber. Hard to judge weight since in the past two weeks I used 4 different scales. Still working on what stack to run for the next two months.

  13. I used to be bothered by little nagging aches and pains, but now I spend a good half an hour warming up and stretching, and they have all but disappeared.
    Fish oil also helped a lot.

  14. Fish oil and other joint relief have helped especially when I took Erase. I think I will try Cissus this next go around.

    Friday triceps still felt tight so I took the day off and hit chest in the am followed by shoulders/triceps on Saturday. Today was leg day and I did high rep front squats, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls, and seated calf raises. Went around 11 and didnt take any supplements today. Motivation just wasn't there today. Felt better half way through the workout and finished but the dealing with some real frustration right now. Feeling kicked when I am down and alone which just pisses me off, think I will go do some cardio or around this mother and see just how big it is.

  15. Monday morning got up and did back/traps in the am and rear delts/biceps in the pm. Had trouble falling asleep so after I talked with my wife Tuesday monring I went back to sleep and did chest in the pm. As I was going back to sleep I kept telling myself rest is important for muscle growth. Tuesday I got good news and was able to order some supplements. Man, overseas shipping is crazy. I had to hit the PX for some protein and hope the rest of my stuff gets here before I go TDY in 3 weeks. This morning, Wednesday, I got up and did a high volume shoulder routine. After work I am doing tricep and tomorrow is legs. Feeling better now that some stress is off or me. Still miss home and my family but I am getting by thanks to channeling in the gym and listening to One Less Reason, best band ever.

  16. Wow I've been busy. Will update with pics soon. Mirror says I am dropping some bf and weight has dropped. Scale says I am 213-215, tough to judge weight loss since I have used 4 different scales the past month but for the past two weeks it has been the same scale at the gym I go to. Still doing my 3 day workout with days off as needed. Started doing more LISS cardio in the morning after I talk to my wife except mornings where I am doing either chest or back. Ordered my supplements for the next 6 months barring needing more basics like whey, BCAAs, and vitamins. Worse case I can get them at the PX. I mix up my sets and reps from a low of 6-10 reps to a high of 20-25 reps and sets are between 3-5 including warmup. I try to listen to my body and stop breaking it all the time.

    Nagging injuries: left elbow and forearm. Underside of elbow aches and I had to stop skullcrushers and some tricep exercises. Doesn't bother me much during chest and shoulders. Left forearm is getting worse with curls so I am drpping the weight even more and doing higher reps. May stop working arms for a week or two depending on how my workouts go this week. Right shoulder takes a while to get loose during chest workouts especially on incline.

    Nutition and diet: morning pre-workout is BCAA and Presurge Unleashed or Ignite 2 (almost out), post is whey shake mixed with water. Breakfast is bacon with 4 eggs and veggies. Lunch and dinner is usually 2-3 cheeseburger patties with onions/mushrooms, chili, hot sauce, and mayo and oh yea some veggies like broccoli or some other protein source like fish for variety.

  17. Looking at your pics and body type you will do well on a low carb diet. Keep it up

  18. Wow I cant beleive I haven't updated in a week. Time really flies down here. Started SNS DAA, Erase Pro, and Anabeta Elite stack on Sunday. of course still using basics like Anavite multi, BCAAs, and whey. Forearm pain is gone but still have some residual pain in my elbow.

    Workouts: sticking to my 3 day split with days off as my body or schedule demand. This week I started going to the gym at lunch with a friend and because my boss wants me here later and not pay OT. Turning around 6 hours later and hitting the smaller bodyparts can wear you out. Stopped taking any pre-workout prior to evening training because I was having difficulties falling asleep. Also, started taking 2 AE before and after the lunch workout instead of taking 1 before and after my two workouts. On leg day I just workout at lunch. Strength seems to be going up.

    Diet: Sticking to keto, had my carb up on friday with 6 suchi rolls. hard to judge macros eating at the dfac. Breakfast is usually few pieces of bacon and 4 eggs with veggies. Lunch and dinner is fish or beef with veggies. I snack on Blue Diamond almonds and sip on BCAA or whey throughout the day.

    I will post up pics from this morning later today. Weight seems to be up and when I look in the mirror I dont see a body fat change in the last month. Only encouraging sign is that all my pants seem to be getting bigger. I may have to cut back on some of my portions.

    Thank you Todd and vassille.

  19. Your body fat has gone down noticeably since your last pics.
    Outstanding progress!

  20. I was going to say the same, very noticeable progess!
    Keep plugging along

  21. Good job!

    3 months ago I dropped most carbs out of my diet except for fruits and veggies. I'm not a no carb guy but a low carb guy now.

    Hit the gym 5 times a week on average just as I did before. However, I have made a concerted effort to up my work out intensity just a little.

    Went from 204 lbs to 179 lbs and still dropping despite lifts going up. Waist size went from '34 muffin top' to '30 loose'.

    So, in a sense I was/am exactly where you're at. Some muscles after many years of lifting all covered up by fat.

    It's amazing how much better it looks especially for us 'older' (lol) folks to be on the lean side. I'm 39.

    Keep up the good work!

  22. Thanks guys. I guess since I see myself everyday and I am my own worst critic I have been dissappointed in my progress. Feel it in my looser pants but dont see it in the mirror/scale.

    Had my carb up on Saturday and did cardio at 6am, chest at lunch, and shoulders/triceps after work. Felt like total crap doing chest. All the carbs made me feel bloated and lethargic. pre-workout didn't help much. Evening workout was better but I gave myself more time after I had lunch so that may have helped. Next carb up if I do it I will just add some fruit to each of my meals instead of the oatmeal/fruit/rice.....

    Taking Sunday off and will hit legs on Monday.

  23. Great progress dude!! I hit 40 this past January. I'm not as lean as I wanted to be @ 40, but I'm still happy that I look better than ALL of my old high school buddies. I got a late start w/ kids, (4 & 2), so I HAVE to stay in shape for them.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  24. Enhanced, I have other important dates after my birthday in Jan. In April I will come back and attend my daughters last cheer competition in Myrtle Beach. If things work out I will take my wife on an overdue honeymoon in late July/early August. After that I can set goals for Christmas or my 41st birthday. Have to keep setting goals to give myself something to work for. Already thinking of goals I want to accomplish by my 45th birthday, professional, familial, and physically. I hate running but I used to be a long distance runner in high school maybe try for a marathon when I turn 45.

    I know and love what you are talking about your high school buddies. I check out facebook every now and then to see what they are up to and yea it feels good to be in better shape than them. I admit I get slack sometimes due to my commitments but I never go too long between gym memberships. I have too much respect for myself (wife would say narcissistic) to allow myself to get that bad. When I see a picture such as the first one I took it turns to self loathing and kicks me to do something about it rather than giving up.

    I started late with my kids too. We just got married in March of 2011 and have four kids total. She has a 7 year old from previous marriage and together we have all boys; a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 3 month old. So I have to stay in shape to keep up with them and my younger wife, lol love you baby (I know she comes over and reads this). Good health is important when every year we keep having kids and I have to push my retirement back another year!

    Updates: diet has been good. Having trouble sleeping some nights. trying to go to bed about 8pm so I can get up at 3am and talk to my wife for a few hours then go back to sleep or I just get up and go do cardio (maybe 1-3 days a week). Backing off incline for chest since I am still getting some discomfort in my right shoulder. Left elbow still has some lingering pain but is better since I do really light weights. The Anabeta Elite gives me a crazy sore pump especially on leg day. Love the look after a workout. I can see the progress except for biceps due to reduced effort. Going to the gym at lunch for back and chest on their respective days and I hit arms and shoulders after work. Received my Andro series so I am ready to go after this 4 week run of DAA, EP, and AE for an 8 week run followed by PCT which should put me about the time I go home in December. When I return I will run DAA, EP, AE, and C20 through my birthday. Next morning I can drag my ass out of bed for cardio I will get my weight and start logging my weights. I did this every month or so at my old gym to gauge progress.


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