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  1. My birthday goal is always more sex. So far at age 47 I'd say I'm meeting that goal.

  2. Nice thread. I'll be following along.

    Todd - great torso. Not too big, and nice and lean without being freaky. That's my goal the next 5 years

  3. Last week things got derailed and I had to go home for family reasons. Only went to the gym once and only part of my diet I stuck to was the fasting. Takes about 30 hours to get back and forth to the states and I didn't get much sleep during that time.

    BJE, sex is not a problem for us as the 4 pregnancies in the last 4 years can attest. I think its why she wanted me to takes this overseas assignment so she could get a break and get her body back to where it used to be.

    Purelife, guess I have to work twice as hard then... hhmmm I wonder if my boss would notice if I went to the gym 4 times a day.

    Today I am back in my old routine now that I am back. I didn't go to the gym since I had to work late. Tomorrow I start back into my usual gym at lunch and follow up workout after work. Each workout is followed by a meal with a snack during the middle of the afternoon. I will take update pics this weekend and start the Andro cycle tomorrow. I still have some EP and AE but I can use them in my Jan cycle before my birthday.

    Here is a story about my run in with customs in Germany and supplements. I was getting on the plane to the states and when they ran my bags through the x-ray they asked to see it. I said sure, they looked in and pulled out all my supplements and confiscated my Erase Pro, Anabeta Elite, and Perform. They didn't look at the ingredients but just read the labels and if it said anabolic, hormone, or anything similar they took it. I had to go to the back, get wanded and researched while they called customs. 7 guys show up and they start looking through my stuff and talking. Finally the one in charge came over and we talked. He asked where I was going and about the supplements and finally let me go with everything since I was passing through but I was told they were illegal. So for everyone bitching about the US policy (and granted our govt does need to stay out of some of our business) its not as bad as some of the EU. They never looked at ingredients but the name of the company (Anabolic Innovations for Perform) or what words they used on the label.

  4. listen my friend forget about all these supps just man up eat and train hardcore bin your scales give yourself 6 months and get ripped . if it was easy everyone would do it .

  5. Pics taken first thing this morning. Today is day off. Since coming off the EP my joints are feeling better so I should see my legs and biceps coming along now. I will continue to mix up the rep ranges but feel more comfortable heavy for low reps again. Last three days were: legs, back/biceps, and yesterday was chest with light shoulders/triceps at night. Last night the gym was packed, I have never seen it so bad. 6-8 people standing around or taking turns on the bench. You could barely move in the free weight area.

    Diet is going good with large meals after my workouts. Primarily 10-12 oz of fish or beef, sometimes turkey for variety when the others aren't available. Salad with ranch and some type of veggies like greens, peas, or broccoli depending on what is served that day. For dessert I have egg salad with a couple scoops of egg, relish, onion, mayo, and jalapenos. Just started PP Andro cycle couple days ago.

  6. Now that year end is over I hope to get back to a more normal schedule. Workouts and diet suffered a little. I probbaly needed the time off since I have been go go go so much with the 2 a days. Last few days been missing the family alot, seems my 2 year old has figured out how to call me on skype and does so every day. Feeling borderline depressed and having a hard time with my intensity in the gym between that and the last few stressful days.

    Today was legs at lunch and we are having a going away dinner tonight so no evening workout. Did a carb up at lunch with 2 chicken breast sandwich, peas, rice, my egg salad with just a touch of mayo, and skim milk. Knee is feeling alot better after the Erase Pro. Still eating two big meals after my workout within my feeding window. I usually have a snack about 3-4pm.

    Tomorrow is back at lunch and traps, rear delt, and biceps after work. Thursday is chest at lunch and shoulders/triceps after work. Friday will be either day off or repeat three day cycle. Weight is about 215 lbs and doing the early morning mirror check it looks like the belly fat is shrinking. I cut back on my calories the last week because I was so busy with work that I had to ruch some workouts. Cardio is hit or miss still but I am hoping to make up for it with diet.

  7. Last few days have been good. Cut back on my portions at the DFAC. Sticking to my 3 day rotation with days off as needed. Weight was 217 when I went to the gym at lunch today to work legs. So I am seeing a weight increase while belly fat looks like it is slowly shrinking. Pics in about 2 weeks. go dawgs.

  8. Had a bug the last few days, gotta be more careful eating out of country. Switching up my workout routine. Moved shoulders to their own day so I could focus on them more. Doing chest and shoulders the same day was killing me. Chest day I start with Hammer Strength before moving to free weights in an effort to loosen it up before going heavy. I will have progress pics in the next few days, work has been crazy with 12 hour days.

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    Attached pics taking yesterday and front shot was this morning. Sticking with 4 day routine with day off as needed. Cutting back on calories and added in a few meals of carbs though the week. Joints all feel good, shoulders feel better working the day after chest instead of the evening after chest workout. Hoping to see more progress with shoulders in the next month. Only thing bothering me is my right knee still so I don't go heavy on squats or leg press. Had legs at lunch today and ate breakfast for first time in a few weeks because legs make me want to puke training fasted.

  10. Just started following and have read your journey so far. I agree about laying off all the supplements. I feel like you a putting way too much emphasis on that part of the equation. At the point you are right now, I would just be concentrated on getting your diet dialed in, training, getting enough sleep, and taking supps for your joints. Once you really get all that dialed in, youll be able to run a long way with it. The supps and prohormones should only be added with everything else being in place. I don't think you are there quite yet. This is by no means meant to be a knock. I think it's awesome that you are dedicated and have the heart but I just see the over-supplementing all the time and it usually is not warranted at all. Some good whey, bcaa's, glutamine. That should do just fine for you, barring all else is on point. I really don't think you even need a thermogenic yet. At your weight and composition, you should be able to drop lbs pretty quickly. Of course, this is only my opinion and its meant to be constructive. Either way, I'm still gonna follow along lol

  11. I am feeling better with the 4 day split. Taking the day off between chest and shoulders day helps with the shoulder soreness. Feeling more confident about going heavier with dumbell presses and military presses. Split legs up and do squats, leg press, and leg extension at lunch and after work I am doing hamstrings with SLDL and leg curls.

    Diet is about the same except I am mixing up carbs and doing some days higher than others. Carb sources are rice and fruit at lunch and afternoon snack. Told DFAC manager he should get a scale so I could weigh his portions for accuracy, he wasn't amused.

  12. Thanks tarheel, I dont mind criticism I am a big boy. I admit I am relying on supplements to offset my diet. Diet is my weakness, training I feel is fine as long as my "partner" isn't at the gym. Ok maybe I overtrain sometimes.

  13. Found an Insanity group on base so I started doing Insanity at 8pm 6 days a week. Not the best idea to start on Friday after legs and I could barely walk next 2 days. Didnt workout Sunday due to a bug. Monday was better but I wasn't at 100%. Found a couple guys to workout with sometimes. Just reworking my meals and snacks now with the Insanity class.

  14. Reworking in what way?

  15. Rework in what way?

  16. Sorry for delay but I work about 10 hours a day and after finding time in gym I don't have alot of free time. Reworking by adding a few more carbs and adjusted feeding window. Doing low carb kicks my ass during the Insanity. Work out at lunch, then eat, have a snack about 4-5pm, and eat about 9pm after Insanity. Update pics below. Heading to gym for Insanity as soon as I am done. Name:  Frnt 2 Nov.jpg
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  17. I haven't felt this beat since I played high school football. Upper body, especially triceps and shoulders stay sore due to all the pushup exercises in Insanity. I plan my leg workouts around the plyo workout otherwise they feel like lead and I give out sooner than I like. I take more days off my lunch gym schedule to let my body recover. We have 2 more weeks of Insanity so I may go to a 3 day a week workout at lunch and keep the evening Insanity. Which I hate, I love my lunch workouts. They break up my day and nobody is at the gym at lunch.

    I havent missed an Insanity workout since I started. This week has been hard though. Seems I bruised my foot or something, have this pain behind my big toe. Shoes are beat so I ordered some Asics but shipping is so slow here (18-25 days) I sent them to my house. Only 20 more days till I see my wife and kids.

    Weight has gone done with Insanity, when I started I was weighing about 217 (evening) but now I am down to 213. Should be more but like I said diet is my weakness. Not that it is bad, I dont eat junk like candy, chips, cake, etc.. Food options can be somewhat limited here. After lunch workout I will break my fast with rice, some form of protein depending on what DFAC serves that day, and some veggies. About 3-4 hours later I have some fruit and whey, may switch up and go get another meal instead. I eat between 9-10pm after Insanity, which is usually tuna maybe turkey or roast beef, tomato, lettuce, pickles, and jalapeno wrap.

  18. Sub'd.

    I turned 43 myself in November. I can see progress from your initial pics and the ones ^^^^^.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. Sorry for such a delay but work has been busy, had alot to do before I left. Took 2 weeks off the gym and diet suffered while I was home on R&R. Just got back to work and the gym on Wednesday. Go to the gym at lunch and break my fast with a big meal afterwards. I eat a turkey or tuna wrap around 4-5 with some fruit. From 7-8 is Insanity Asylum and from 8-9 is Insanity 6 days a week. The Asylum group just started. This is the last month so final pictures will be coming in 4 weeks. Weight was about 208 before I went back home. Currently I am about 211.

  20. just read thru the last few pages of this thread...i really think you need to rethink your entire needs a huge overhaul...very clear that your overtrained....your CNS cant handle that amount of training let alone on that diet..if i were you i would go back to the basics ie:compound movements..some moderate cardio....and get your diet on track..your really just spinning your wheels with what your doing....def appears the desire is there..just need to focus on the correct things...sorry if this is blunt..just the way i see it..

  21. def sounds like your in the military(i was also)...and i know when we were all 18 and went thru basic that fat dropped like flys and everyone got lean getting PT'd to death..only issue is your not 18 anymore..doesnt work the same..

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    Attached are the pics taken the day after my birthday. Sorry I havent updated this as much as I would like but my job has begun to take alot of my time. My weight is down to about 204 lbs. My workouts are back/biceps, chest/triceps, shoulders, and legs on Saturday night every week. Depending on my time I do back, chest, or shoulders at lunch and arms after work. At 7pm I have Asylum followed by Insanity at 8. I took days off as needed and occasionally took off the cardio workouts at night if my body needed it. I tried my best to go to all 3 workouts each day but my legs and knees needed a day off every now and then. Asylum and Insanity was 6 days a week with only Sundays off. My diet was limited to the food served and changed daily. Just about every day I fasted with BCAA in the morning and usually had a tuna wrap with rice and chili after Insanity with maybe a Casein shake at bed. Usually had an apple around 6pm. On Mondays for lunch I had Mongolian grill beef, broccoli, green peppers and rice with a smaller portion at 4pm. Tuesday was chicken breast, rice, beans, and some other type of veggies. Followed by smaller portion at 4pm. Wednesday was fish, rice, and veggies with a shake and eggs at 4pm. Thursday lunches were philly meat over rice with peppers, onions, and mushrooms with collard greens and smaller portion at 4pm. Friday would be another day of chicken, rice, and veggies. Saturday was the same as Wednesday with fish as protein source. Sunday was my rest day and I would cut out the rice and have fish or chicken for lunch, 4pm snack, and 8pm dinner.

    Looking back at my pictures I see progress and even though I may not be where I want to be, I am alot closer. Now that my birthday has passed my next goal/date is in April when I get to come home for my daughter's competition in Myrtle Beach. Thank you for your comments and good luck with your fitness goals in 2013.


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