On 25 weeks test, boldenone, proviron advice next....

  1. On 25 weeks test, boldenone, proviron advice next....

    Hi everyone thanks for having me, iīve done 3 cycles before (not sequential) and right now for my 40th birthday planned something longer to get big enough(sexy-sporty) but with a feeeel goood mood not found with my regular test levels wich i found low enough in my last lab test-also high estrogen..., so i started the classic enanthate 400mg x week, boldenone 600mg x week cycle and started pumping..., around week 10 my libido started getting low, and i started 20mg nolvadex everyday wich didnīt do much but i continue with the pumping and the fat loss, in the 22th week i started to feel one of my testicles started to shrink and felt smooth and the gains seemed to stop, at that time i decided to begin proviron at 50mg a day, and as you supposed my libido jump with nice erections and the gains and feel good mood continued.....and now i would like some views in what to do next, as some of you may supposed because of my attitude in this cycle, i would like to keep it up longer, next i resume the different situations i need to sort..

    1-stop testicles shrinkage
    2-stop or continue the boldenone?
    3-modify quantity of AS?
    4-keep libido, increase quality of erections, cause seem a little off as the proviron standard i have experience before.
    5-you know this is the longest cycle iīve done and is by far the best in wich i feel good healthy and ready, (no sides)

    YOUTH: 40
    WEIGHT: 264
    SIZE: 6.2
    BF: 12%


    test: 5.37 ng/mL
    free test: 8.1 pg/mL
    androstenedione: 1.42 ng/mL
    DHEA-S: 255.20
    DHEA: 5.6 ng/mL
    17-alpha hydroxyprogesterone: 1.4 ng/mL

    estradiol: 19.0 pg/mL
    FSH: 7.79 mUL/mL
    LH: 4.29 mUL/mL


  2. cīmon fellows what do you think?.....


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