Here's what I'm on. Tell me if I'm likely to be piling up my liver or not.

  1. Here's what I'm on. Tell me if I'm likely to be piling up my liver or not.

    200mg test once per week
    250 HCG twice per week
    .5mg anastrozole twice per week

    1 armor thyroid (30mg) per day
    1 levothyroxine (25mg) per day

    6.5g creatine daily
    USP Labs Jack3d daily before workouts (1.5g creatine of the 6.5 listed above)
    ZMA before bed

    2 Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM daily
    2 Centrum Multi daily
    4000 iu Vitamin D3 daily
    2 naproxen sodium (Aleve)
    Typically a couple aspirin before bed (Seems to help me sleep and ignore aches)

    Considering adding:
    PES Erase Pro
    Maybe adding Tribulus back to the mix

    I don't know if anything in here other than the aspirin and creatine is something that could be attacking the liver or not. I did show somewhat low liver functionality early last year (5g of creatine daily) but that was before the D3 supplement.

    I've been on the TRT dosage for about 6 weeks now, and wasn't exactly super low on the test beforehand. Think it's time for a blood test to check levels or is what I'm doing not too far out?
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  2. aleve and prob aspirin too

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