TRT therapy and lab results......newbie with a question

  1. TRT therapy and lab results......newbie with a question

    Great information on this site. Thanks in advance for any info......

    Snapshot......42 years old, good shape, work out 4-5x per week, eat healthy (probably 90% Paleo). Have fought fatigue/sluggishness for as long as I can remember. Last few years I don't feel as "sharp".......trouble focusing, concentrating, etc. was diagnosed with adult ADD but meds didn't really help.

    Got my T checked a year ago and it was indeed low (233). Started out with shots every 4 weeks but that did nothing (yes, I know every 4 weeks doesn't work). He put me on androgel (2 pumps per day) and my levels went down in the 220's. Bumped dosage to 3 pumps. In the meantime, I began searching for a new doc, for obvious reasons.

    New doc actually seems to know what he is talking about. Here are my numbers and his recommended treatment.


    TSH - 3.664; he says it should be 2
    free T4 - .9
    free T3 - 2.9; he says it should be 3.4

    For this, he prescribed 30mg per day of armour thyroid


    Total - 466 (keep in mind, this is after being on 3 pumps per day of Androgel, so still low even with treatment)
    free test - 146.2

    For this he rx 1cc of test per week

    E2 - 42; he wants 30 or less

    For this he rx Letro (can't remember dosage)

    DHEA - 97; he wants 200 ( for this he recommended 50 mg/day of DHEA supplement; I have heard mixed reviews on this)

    Also recommended a multivitamin (which I don't know why I need with good diet), CoQ10 (200 mg; cholesterol is a little high.....have heard really good things about this), b complex, vit d3 (5,000 per day)

    Any and all comments are welcome. Especially interested if anyone else has had experience with minor thyroid problems and how treatment affected you. Could this be the missing link in why I feel so lousy?

  2. Anyone?

  3. One of the wiser guys on the board might be able to look at the whole picture. Your doc seems to be taking a fairly comprehensive approach.

    Some might say that he is not looking enough for the root cause of your issues, I am not educated enough to have an opinion one way or another.

    You said 1cc of test. Is that 100 or 200 mg/ cc?

  4. Novice, Im pretty sure it's 200mg but I will double check.

  5. R I seeing an Endo or urologist? Or one of the anti aging clinics?

    Your doc seems to be pretty aggressive. Some ( like me) cant even convince the Endo to test for E2.

    Also, been browsing the boarss for a few months and 200mg/ week I'd about as high as I have seen for a rx dose of test.

    Hope someone knowledgeable chimes if to take a look for you

  6. It is a wellness clinic, so he specializes in anti aging. I'm not positive on the dosage. I could easily be wrong on that?

  7. Had the dosage's 100mg/week

  8. The problem is that when testosterone is low it affects many things in your body. Im not saying your thyroid may not be slowing down but I first would treat the testosterone issue then see how you feel and go from there. Im not too crazy about DHEA either.
    100mg a week is good with perhaps .5mg arimidex 2x a week depending on your sensitivity. 150mg a week is even better and 200mg gotta tell your wife to hold on tight..j/k
    PS you dont have adult ADD that is just a side from low test as well as why you feel crappy.


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