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  1. Update:
    Last week I was feeling like my Test Cyp dose was too small. The doc upped my dose to .4cc twice a week. Over the past week i wasn't feeling anything and felt I might need more.
    Being stuck in Africa without any medical facilities or testing labs I took matters into my own hands. As an experiment I looked through my bag of goodies (supps that I brought with me but haven't used up) and found some Forma-Stanzol. Ok this is interesting. So two days ago i started on 6 pumps am / pm. Not sure if it helped or not but over the past two days I've started feeling some very good effects. Today about 11am I really felt it. Energy is high, mood is high, workout was excellent, appetite is way up, libido is up. If I could bottle this feeling and sell it.. I would be a bazillionare pretty quickly.
    I'm not up to the level of the DAA experiment but I would say 70% of that level. If I could stay at this level or even slightly higher I will be a very happy man.
    Could be that my E2 was catching up with my Test and the Forma brought it down??
    I don't know but I like!!

  2. Wish I had an answer for you, but I do have a question. Maybe I missed it, but if you had such results from the herbal and DAA stack, why did you stop and start taking test?

  3. I stopped the herbal because DAA gave me headaches and clouded my thinking. First it was mild then it got worse and on the 4th week I was like a zombie. Severe headache and couldn't think. Searching revealed that it messes with your neurological function via MDMA. I tried a second time after taking B12, L-dopa and TMG to help with the neurological issues but it gave me a headache on the third day. I tried it again in June and just a few days worth had me feeling like crap. Clouded thinking, severe headache and swollen throat (no idea what caused that). I've either got some sort of neurological problem that DAA exaggerates or I'm very sensitive to MDMA. Maybe all that X I did in my 20's..... Besides I don't think DAA is a permanent solution. Even the Italians say 90 days max then 30 days off (or something like that)

  4. Wait, don't you mean NMDA? MDMA is a psychoactive component in x.

    Either way, I thought I like DAA when I tried it when it first came out, but like you, I had crazy bad headaches. I would take a 3g dose and then about 30 minutes later, the top of my head felt like it was going to blow off. No way that was good, and after researching it, I realized it was a nasty side effect.

  5. Ha ha ha.. Too much X in my 20's
    MDMA must have been stuck in my memory bank somewhere.

    I've been on Test for 6 weeks and I think it's the best thing I've done.
    I feel so much better than I did 7 weeks ago it's not even funny. no depression, great mood, great energy.. it's amazing.
    Something I've never read about is the orgasms. Wow! When my girl and I had sex last before I left. The orgasm was WOW, maybe the best I've ever had.

  6. Just wanted to update:

    I had my bloods done during my last trip home.
    Cholesterol is down 100 points
    TT is 1800+
    FT is 447
    E2 is 19

    160mg week of Cyp, 12.5mg of Aromasin with each shot and the rest is good eating, exercise and vitamins.
    I'm starting to feel a change in my body. It feels much denser, my base strength is improving (carried 50pounds of water up 3 flights and hardly breathing hard). Libido is strong, no depression, memory is good, fast reflexes compared to last year and overall I feel so good I get chill bumps at times.

    I think my TT is a little high.
    What are the consequences of high TT??
    Should I drop down to 120mg week as originally prescribed?

  7. When was that blood drawn in relation to the last time you had an injection? Those are insanely high numbers and unless you injected and then went and tested, look like low-mid level cycle numbers.

  8. Hi Ksaj,
    Just read your post about cutting back to 100mg week.
    Seems like sound advice.

    I injected Monday morning and the blood was drawn on Tuesday morning. I didn't make the schedule and no one asked me when I had last injected.
    Could be that it was at the peak.

    I double checked the sheet with my results
    TT = 1858
    FT = 443.5
    E2 = 13 (high Sensitivity)
    IGF-I = 93 (no range given.. is that good or bad?)

    I think Aromasin may have contributed to high FT and low E2.

    Could explain my anxiety.
    I'm cutting back to my original 60mg twice weekly.

  9. I didn't see that you mentioned high anxiety in your posts, but yeah, it would make complete sense. Seems like something most guys have to find out about on their own when the test levels get that high. I know I did. I would even feel a twinge of it at 125 with my levels peaked at or around 1300. It was completely manageable, but I figured, why should I just manage something when my goal is to feel great. Since lowering to 100, and having been at this level for a little while now, I've really reaped the benefits. Most notably the lack of any anxiety and increased mood.

  10. The anxiety is not bad. Just get antsy at times and I don't remember being that way in the past.

    I want that "inner glow" feeling back. I felt it for a while then it faded and we upped the dose to 160. At that dose I haven't felt it either. I mean I feel great but I don't have that smile on my face all day that I had.

    I'm in africa now so no chance of talking to my doc. I'm going to experiment and drop it down to 120 for a few weeks and may go even lower after that just as an experiment.

  11. I was told to do the bloodwork the day before my next shot.

  12. I'm going to remember that next time. I was not told anything about what day to test. Just the test nurse kept hounding me to get my blood drawn. All he said was. don't eat for 12 hours. he even forgot to get my Urine test.


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