cyp availability ?

  1. cyp availability ?

    I live in Houston - north Houston - been on Cyp injections for TRT for 8 months. Seems as though, according to pharmacy, that cypionate is not available now due to manufactor supply issues. They told me I can get Depo <?> . I believe "cypionate" is the generic form and "depo" is the brand form - or do I have that backwards? Either way, I need my prescription refilled and I'm on the hunt for a pharmacy that has what I need. Want to have doc call in new script today and I just want to know what to ask for.

  2. Depo is the phizer brand and is more expensive. I have been on test cyp for 3 rx refills and have not had generic available.

    I have assumed that generic test cyp is making its way into the steroid community at a greater profit than going to legit pharmacys. Just a theory.

    Name brand test cyp is still a ton cheaper than any of the gels or implants

  3. that's what I thought... but hoped i had my thoughts backwards - now I have to pay for Brand. Sucks.

  4. No problems here in the San Antonio area CVS. Most of my refills are Watson. My last one was Paddock..

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