PH cycle that worked for you

  1. PH cycle that worked for you

    Hey middle-age guys - what PH has worked for you. Tried Epi and got nice results. Want to try something with some more kick. Epi and Halo were suggested. I'm also interested in sdrol. 45 here. 5 11 199. Don't do much measuring but gunz around 18. Not fat - but can't see abs either. Any first hand experiences with PH would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. What is your Goal? Some PH are for bulking and building mass and other are for lean Mass... 40 year old in the house
    Diet is always the key to unlocking the door of success


  3. What was wrong with epi?
    What do you mean more kick?
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  4. Ultimately I'd like to gain 20 lb of lean muscle. I know that will take time, but that's what I'm looking at.

  5. The Epi was good. I think I put on 7 lbs in 2 months. Just looking for something that will give even bigger gains. The Epi that I had was called Monster by Element Nutrition. Problem is, I just got it from a local vitamin shop and didn't really know what I was doing. That's why I'm here - to become educated and do this right.



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