Want to start first cycle at age 50

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    Lightbulb Want to start first cycle at age 50

    I'm a pretty fit 49 year old but want to do a first ever cycle. I am on medication for high cholesterol, but other than that my health is good. I'm looking for a recommendation on a simple but effective first cycle: what, when, how long.
    I weigh about 185, which I want to maintain, but want to swap out fat for muscle. I tend to be lean would like to maintain that.
    Thanks for the help and advice!

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    It's not that simple. First, your lipid profile will get worse. Second, getting lean is not a function of AAS, unless you consider tren which is not a good first cycle for anyone. Third, what exactly do you want? Are you prepared for PCT, on-cycle support and unwanted sides? And fourth, are you looking at TRT doses, or do you want a typical cycle which is much more than TRT.

    Most guys start out with maybe 500mgs of test per week, for maybe 4 months.

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