1. Prop,prom,tren....

    This is really only my second cycle. I like to think I'm making some great gains. The cycle has gone like this

    Test prop- 2ml eod. Been on for 13 weeks
    Prom- (200mil -1 ml) 2ml every two-three days. Been on for 11 weeks
    Tren E- (150mil-1ml) 2ml every three days. Been on for 7 weeks

    Did some d-bol for the first 4 weeks....

    I was going for a twenty week cycle. I haven't had much for sides, so far--
    Night sweets, hart burn, some pimples on my back and chest, not much. Some anger here and there but I control it well. Some cramping in the quads.
    I started hcg about three weeks ago. Balls were going
    I guess I'm just looking for someone to talk to a little about the cycle. I have questions that can be looked up through research I'm sure but don't make the time, or really have it. I made the choice to go on gear to help with my business of building homes in Maine. It's a ruff job and at the age of 35, I am beat up from it. The gear has helped me a lot and I certainly plan on using it more through out my life. It would be nice to know everything about gear but I am really a green thumb to the technical things. So you will need to work with me a little. Ok, so let's chat about this here good stuff.

  2. What kind of signs should I be looking for when your body has just had enuf gear? At that point do you cut back to a smaller dose?

  3. Do these post even get read? I will just hit up another site. This one is not working or something. Chow

  4. What do you want people to say? It's like going to an all you can eat place and asking someone when you know you've had enough to eat. Then you want to sit around and chew the fat on your cycle as if we know your expectations and as if we've been monitoring your progress. I mean, yeah, so you are at the end of a cycle and did it to help you at work. When you get off cycle you'll be back to your former self. Eat, get big on cycle; jump on PCT and come down after cycle. What's there to talk about?

  5. Hi D hows it going? I have some small questions so i wanted to talk to some one about the cycle. How far can you push on in a cycle? Also being my second cycle, you say return to your former self, not 100% loose of gains?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Big boy D View Post
    Hi D hows it going? I have some small questions so i wanted to talk to some one about the cycle. How far can you push on in a cycle? Also being my second cycle, you say return to your former self, not 100% loose of gains?
    There's a point to where you go from a cycle to life-long TRT. The longer you're on cycle, the more risk you take for recovery. Tren is pretty rough on your system, and 7 weeks is about time to call it quits on Tren. I do know guys who had been on Tren for 6 months and recovered successfully, but that's risky. You're a big guy without AAS. I just hate to see you screw up our system at such a young age. Man, be careful and watch the tren. Sounds like you're prepared to come off with PCT planned. I would have switched over to prop from maybe test e after 15 weeks and take advantage of the long esters, avoiding daily injections, or eod injections.

  7. Sry what is aas? I was planing on doing 20 ml more on the tren and prop. The primo I only have 6 ml more of.
    I tried switching over to t3 but that balls right up in my arm or were ever and kills! Just don't seam right. I can do tren, prop, all of them without the super pain. Just don't get it. I have some test e that I was going to start for the last few here but don't really know how I should introduce it into my pin days??
    For pct I am going to grab some clomid. I need some advice on what ells I should need. Milk thistle, you know. Also how long should I take the clomid after a twenty week + ?
    Thanks D, this is what I was kinda looking for. Just a discussion. Thanks also, I don't feel like messing myself up. I already am, that's why I am doing what I'm doing. A bunch on my plate. My body's performance at work and home is vital to my family.

  8. Ok what happen? Aas ? Not good with the written terms just yet.

  9. I thought it might be a time to stop lurking and offer a few of my thoughts. I think you may be a bit short on knowledge. AAS = Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids. Its kind of difficult to think that someone would be on a hormone cycle without at least knowing the terminology.
    Where did you come up with this cycle in the first place? You say your reasons are work-related. The confuses and concerns me a bit.
    You are at the stage in your life where your natural testosterone production might be waning. It took me a while before I realized that was a natural part of life. If I were you, I would finish the cycle (to give you some experience under your belt), then go see a doctor. Not everyone is going to tell you what you want to hear. A good endocrinologist will get you back on track.
    After cycling and then on HRT for the last 15 years, I am still learning. At my age, there is a lot to be said about keeping your hormones in balance. I now know what it feels like when they are off.


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