Andro lean with Epi

  1. Andro lean with Epi

    Hello Fit Guys,
    I am 58years old, 5'10 208, body fat no fn idea. I am running a cycle of Andro lean with 20mg epi a day, started 4-2-12 . I am in decent shape, but want to trim down without losing too much muscle. I work out 5 days, I walk 6miles after each lifting session, and I am watching my diet as carefully as I can, have 3 kids and am single parent. I will post my results after about 2 weeks. My pants are already fitting better as I was cutting calories going into this . I am hoping to hold my weight around 200, but get as muscular as possible.I am strong compared to others at my gym, so I am not a newcomer, had a couple surgeries (rotator cuff) (intestinal procedure) and bounced back well. Talk later, keep lifting!

  2. Sounds good, I am going to be starting a cycle of epi soon myself. It should definitely help you lean out while getting stronger if your diet is good.

  3. I have done a couple Superdrol cycles, using proper on cycle protocol as well as a good pct, found it to work very well, but at my age, a little harsh. I have learned the hard way that diet is key, tuna, cottage cheese, chicken etc. seems like the dieting is the hardest part of this gig, I love working out hard with short rests between sets and a motivated training partner and I wish the eating part was as easy for me. Oh well, mental discipline is the key. I love that quote someone posted by Socrates. It seems he was right on the money. We can really push our bodies to become something special if we have the desire and motivation. My biggest obstacle is to not get hurt since I like to really push it! Thanks to all the experienced posters on this site, you guys have helped me tremendously. Later

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