I have been on here a while but not many know anything about me.
I was born in a small town in KY. I had a regular but strict up bringing. I grew up on a farm and all the work involved in that. Interest were cars, motorcycles and girls. I wasn't involved in sports cause my time was spent working. I was big boned but skinny.

Graduated HS in 1974 and joined military 3 days later. In the military I lived in places not fit for humans and barely fit for animals to live in.

After the military I bought a motorcycle. A brand new Kawasaki KZ 900 for the large sum of 2300$ counting tax and everything. Opened a motorcycle shop and was successful for a while. I declared bankrupt

I used my GI bill and Pell Grant to go to college. I went to Morehead State. My degree was in Exercise Physiology with a double minor in health and sports injuries. I discovered sports and was good in them. I had a job at college as a life guard, was on the swim team, played rugby and on the football team. I ate 7000 + calories a day but only weighed 179 # (team doctor had me do a food diary). It seems I was over training "huh go figure" My test production (natural) was in the 1100s so I didn't need to mess with that so the team doctor put me on dinabol prescription yes I got it at the drug store ( yes this is the glorious 80s).
I got up to 193 # and looked great chest 48 " with a 31 " waist. I competed in some BB contest and did well.

Flash forward to now.
I let myself get out of shape (not fat just lazy) due to some broken bones in my back and was feeling sorry for myself.
I found a good pain doctor that would treat the pain at the source and gave me epidural and oral NSAID instead of the usual opioid that many get. I also smoke a joint each night to ease the pain and help me sleep.
My test production was low at mid 300s so I started TRT and my life changed, I do 200 mg test a week and teas is upper 900s and I feel great. I go to the gym but my battered body (I am 55) I had to modify or eliminate some exercises but am making slow but good gains.
I will never compete in BB contest but I like the young girls 20s, 30s,and earlry 40s. They talk to me all the time and get dates out of it. That and feeling good is my motivation.