I've been on trt for 3 months now. Prescribed 200mg every other week, which I broke down into 50mg twice a week. The results have been better than I could have hoped. In short, I feel great, sex drive is up, much stronger(almost the strength levels of during my heaviest cycle). I just had bloodwork done and 2 days before a shot, my test was 275 which is still low. So the endo is going to adjust the dosage up a bit to either every 10 days or increase the dosage. However, my ALT was high again. 105 and it should be under 45. It was the same 3 months ago when I had bloodwork done. I had further testing before and an ultrasound before which revealed I have a fatty liver. My doc wasn't concerned before but this time around for some reason he is. I'm not a big drinker and the only thing I was taking was niacin which can affect alt levels. My thinking was that it was elevated from exercise and muscle damage. My doc said he didn't know how much that would raise it. So he wants me to stop the niacin and get retested in april. He also told me to NOT take milk thistle when I asked him about that. He asked me questions along the line of hepatitis infection, which I found odd. He also said my TSH was high again and wanted to possibly start me on a low dose of therapy for thyroid. He is holding off adjusting my TRT until my next liver panel, which is frustrating. I did start levothyroxine at 25mcgs per day. I know that weight loss is one of the ways to improve a fatty liver so I figured if my thyroid was hindering me, why not.
Does anyone have an idea of how much exercise can alter liver enzymes? My ALT is the only thing indicating a problem. He said I may need a biopsy which I think is ridiculous. But at any rate he is waiting to see what happens with my next bloodwork to adjust my trt which doesn't make sense to me as I've read that treating low T can also help with fatty liver. Also I have read many horror stories with T4 and weight GAIN. Anyone have experience with it? Up until this point I was fairly happy with my endo and he has been very thorough with bloodwork. But his new focus on my liver after previously not worrying about it bothers me.