Had a minor heart attack saturday.

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  1. I always aspirate to be as sure as i can to properly inject and my heart attack was 6 days after my injection so I highly doubt that could have been the case. I had started Arimidex dosing a week prior to what happened and upon reading up on possible side effects have found exact symptoms described as I was having described by my cardiologist. Im not completely certain it is to blame, but I don't doubt it most likely could have played a roll or been the lead to the cause. My cycle had been going exceptionally well with only minor ups and downs as I adjusted through it. Thought adding Arimidex could only increase the positive. Needless to say I won't doing that.

  2. Well, good luck. I know as well as you do - an MCI hurts like hell. They had 4 amps of morphine in me while I was being admitted to the hospital. At the time I wanted to pass out. LOL - I blamed mine on anchovies in the pizza. But it was genes...

    Oh - question? My cardiologist asked me this (while they were shaving my groin); were you scared or angry when you realized what it was?

    He guessed it with me - I was angry. See - I thought that because I took care of myself that I'd "beat" the odds in my genes. But a 15-year delay (relative to dad and brother) isn't quite so bad I guess.

    The part that sucks now are the blood pressure meds - beta blockers. Makes it impossible to get as hyped before a heavy lift.


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