my testosterone journey

  1. Ive been on 1% androgel for over a year now. I originally went to the doctor complaining about no gains when working out and no libido. My testosterone was tested at around 200. I was placed on androgel, averaging 6-10 pumps daily, sometimes more. Given the way it was packaged in boxes of two, and since my prescription only required three a month, I was able to both use a bit more than prescribed and stockpile some.

    When I first started using the gel I really didn't notice much. My doctor slowly raised my dosage and things began to change. My overall motivation increased. I began to finally lose some weight and my libido went through the roof. I also began reading about testosterone and the benefits I could get from it. Almost immediately I started trying to figure out how to get more. I would do stuff like quit using the gel several days prior to getting my blood work. I talked the nurse into writing the prescription for a larger amount "to save me money." Didn't take long until I was doubling my prescribed dose. I still wanted more!! At first I had no concerns of side effects, but that would change.

    I recently went to see my doc about burning in my nipples that I feared might be a sign of gyno. He said not to worry about it. I definitely didn't like that answer. I've always had larger than usual nipples but the burning was new. I think I got a touch of gyno as a kid from a testicular tumor I had. I've been really concerned about the development of more gyno from the testosterone. Not happy with his answer I went to see an Endocrinologist and she put me on test cypionate. She did say I have a mild case ofgyno. She was unable to tell me if it was new or from the tumor. She did say she wouldn't prescribe an aromatase inhibitor, stating they were dangerous. I decided to get my own from an Indian pharmacy.

    I was pleasently surprised when the pharmacy gave me a full size bottle of 200mg/ml testosterone cypionate; approximately 5x more test cyp than I was prescribed. Plus I have tons of gel left and two more refills. This made the decision to do an actual cycle really easy.

    Going to go ahead and start raising my levels slowly while waiting for the arimidex. I want to go all out after my next appointment in February. Don't want my levels to be too high at my next appointment or she might catch on to my using more than prescribed. I had gotten off the androgel altogether two weeks before my endo appt . My bloodwork showed my test level to be 164 and my estrogen was less than 20. I definitely need hrt, just figure since I'm boosting it why not get the most out of what has become available to me. She's also ordered an MRI to make sure it's not a pituitary gland tumor causing my low test. I'm quite sure it has everything to do with my having had my left testical removed at the age of 12 due to a tumor. Been taking several over the counter estrogen metabolizers such as grape seed extract, DIM and something I got from Total Nutrition for $70 that has I3C in it, among other stuff.

    The supplements I take are Twin Lab daily one, b100 by solgar, whole foods brand fish oils, lecithin, DMAE H3 by Twin Lab, pantothenic acid, mixed tocopherol vitamin E, arginine, LCAR, Glutamine, Creatine monohydrate, noXplode 2.0, ephedrine hcl, caffeine, asprin and more whey protein than I can keep up with. I'm also on a diet that gives me at least 300g protein a day with no real restriction on healthy carbs. I do try to minimize fat though. I keep cooked chicken breasts with me as snacks all day long. I drink one to two gallons of distilled water daily.

    12/28 first endo appt and first shot of 200mg test cypionate

    12/29 5 pumps androgel(6mg absorbed... based on absorbing an estimated 10% of 1% androgel) 206 mg for the week

    12/30 did nothing
    12/31 did nothing

    1/01.* 100 mg test shot... hired a personal trainer to put together a workout plan for me.... has me doing a 3:2:1... three days cardio, two days in gym,* one day restorative such as yoga etc... he based his plan on my goal of being able to bench 350, run 12 miles in an hour and a half and straight leg palm the ground all in the same day,,,, with roughly 6%-8% body fat. A bold but definitely doable, realistic goal.

    1/03.* 5 pumps androgel (6mg)
    Finally feeling a slight libido increase
    1/05.* 5 pumps (6mg)
    ***** Trail Ran just under 3 miles,, beautiful day, enjoyable run

    1/06.* 6 pumps 7.5mg

    1/07.* 100mg, 6 pumps 7.5mg (227 mg of test for the week)
    ******* Did the day 1 workout.... frikking hard!!!*
    The trainer has me focusing on basic conditioning during the first month. I'm doing mostly body weight stuff, like pushups and pull ups, etc. Only weights I'm doing are dumbell shoulder exercises and barbell squats. Feeling solid later in the evening... mild burning/warm sensation in my nipples.
    Hard to tell if it's fat or side boob gyno that I'm looking at in the mirror, but it seems puffy to me,,, I think I'm just being paranoid .... really hope my arimidex shows up soon

    1/08 arimidex was logged in customs... hopefully won't be long
    6 pumps (7.5 mg)
    Ran 3 miles on tread mill... 15 minutes stairs followed by one more mile,,,, surprisingly, relatively, easy.

    1/09. 41st birthday
    Took MRI of my pituitary today. Was fighting with g/f didn't workout .... feel really solid today... muscles feel pumped! Read that gyno is supposed to start with a hard lump under nipple... feel some graniness but no hard lump.... I may be ok after all...
    Definitely need to maximize gym time tomorrow... no gel today.

    1/10 did day 2 workout... this plan is tougher than I anticipated .... crapped out just before the last two exercises just like last time ...... 6 pumps (7.5 mg)
    Thinking about doing a shot tomorrow,,,, need to be careful,, don't want my levels too high when I see the doc next,,, next appointment is in february but feark she may ask to see me sooner

    1/11 241lbs, 21% body fat
    Arimidex made it through customs and is on the way!!!!!
    Ran 4 miles
    Did 100mg shot
    Seems the test cyp doesn't boost my libido as much as the higher doses of androgel used to. May be too early to tell.

    01/12 took a 90 minute hot yoga class
    Arimidex finally showed up ...
    Took 1mg... going to take 1mg a day for up to a week trying to reverse whatever gyno symptoms I may or may not have,,, still think I may just be a bit paranoid; not sure it's real or just in my head.
    My plan is to take the cypionate as prescribed and stack it with ten pumps of gel a day. This will give me close to 200mg a week. The gel has a much shorter half life, so I can quit using it four or five days before my February appointment and not be elevated above where my doctor says I should be. Right after my next appointment I'm going to begin a true 8 week cycle of 300/300/400/400/400/300/200/200 followed by a continuous maintenance of 100 a week plus hcg for @ 4-6 weeks then another cycle.

    01/13 ran 3 miles on treadmill and did some core work
    Took 12 pumps 15mg
    Did my measurements... my numbers are the same as two months ago except I'm heavier. Even body fat percentage stayed the same. I'm 10 pounds heavier than 2 months ago. It must mean I've gained density but not size.
    I have to admit, it is very hard to not do more test than I am, especially now that I have an AI.

    1/14 did day 1 routine and 12 pumps 15mg of gel still taking 1mg a day of arimidex... no side effects yet from the arimidex, however did have painful nipples at the gym.

    01/15 ran three miles.. took a 100mg shot and did 12 pumps 15mg and 1mg adex
    12 pumps provides 15g of gel... 150mg of testosterone, 10% is absorbed providing me with 15mg of testosteone for the day from gel + 100mg from shot = 115mg for the day and 237mg for the week

    01/16/2012. 12 pumps(15mg) ran 3 miles
    Ordered Cycle Assist from competitive edge labs... it has a decent amount of quality ingredients that I recognize,, and above all it lists each amount of every ingredient. I can't help but feel sorry for people that get ripped off by proprietary blends. They obviously have no clue about labeling laws. It could have miniscule amounts of actual supplement and be 99.999999% rice powder or something. Also a lot of stuff I take require an actual proper balance to be synergistic .... I'll never know with proprietary blends!!!

    01/17/2012 12 pumps (15mg) and
    .5mg Adex

    1/18/2012 125mg test cyp and 10 pumps. .75mg androgel.
    Not really feeling the motivation that I expected the test boost to give me. Ordered some HCG and b12 injectable last night,,,, look forward to seeing what happens

    01/19/12 10 pumps and. 5mg adex
    01/20/12 10 pumps ... 3 mile trail run... no adex
    01/21/12 100mg test cyp/10 pumps
    Day 1 workout
    Received my competitive edge labs cycle assist and pct assist... took 4 pills cycle assist and one pill pct assist
    For the first time in a while,, I didn't have swelling and/or painful nipples

  2. Thanks for the detail, I am in a similar situation. My test ws 167ng, I went to see my gp , he puts me on 5% Test creme. A couple of months later I start feeling lethargic, I research the test creme has about a 10% absortion rate 1gm/50mg test. I am getting 5 mg a day. I am getting bloodwork done again. I would like to injections, and my wife is in favor of this idea as well. Keep me informed.

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