Age: 52
    Ht: 5-7
    wt: 173

    My goal is to get <10% bf and add 25lbs of lean mass. I am having a tough time doing it given my hypothyroidism/inflammation issues.

    Based on that & my bf @ 25%, I am thinking it would it make more sense to drop weight another 15-20lbs. first and then clean bulk it. My concern is losing mass at same time (my fat-free mass is only 130lbs).

    What's the consensus of opinion of cutting first?

    I have a scrip for test cyp but am afraid to start it with everything else going on.

  2. 25%? Cut
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  3. Cut. Why are you afraid to start the test is it presccribed?

  4. As long as you can properly tailor your diet losing mass shouldnt be a problem
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  5. I'd let the mirror be the guide if I were you and focus less on numbers. Numbers will tend to obscure your goals of how you want to look. Being cut is more attainable than trying to put X amount of weight on.
    Gaining 25lbs of muscle is a tall order and geting under 10% bf is another obstacle. Is not going to be easy especially if you thyroid is not dialed in and suffer from inflamation.
    If you go on a low carb/high protein/med fat you wont lose muscle unless your GH is in the toilette but you should be able to drop a decent amount of fat.
    Def go on test, at your age will help a bunch unless your test is in the 800s.

  6. At your age 300 mg test will do wonders for you! You could eat 1000cal ed and still gain muscle. Not that I'm tellin you to do that I'm just sayin.

    If you have a script then take it and get bloods done... As long as you are healthy before you start and don't go crazy with the dose you should be fine. Talk to your doc, he can help with your fears

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